What I Have Learned About Maintaining My Identity in Motherhood

The past few months some of my friends who don’t have children yet have mentioned to me that thinking about the typical “rules” of motherhood scare them. I cannot agree more! Some people naturally gravitate towards certain routines and they thrive on it. Others need to do things another way to be fulfilled. There is not one specific way to be a mom, just as we are all different as people. Entering motherhood – I saw

Spring Travel Style with Pops of Color

Years ago I caught myself in a bad habit. I would complain in the summer when it was really hot and humid. Then I would rant about the cold (probably even shouting to the sky a few times) when the icy wind would not relent. I decided I needed to pick a side and stick with it, even though we can all agree that those mid-range temps are the most perfect of them all. The


Styling My Cape Jacket for Spring

Hello babes! Today I am showing off my Zaful Cape Jacket in anticipation of the weather warming up. I styled it with my black over-the-knee boots from Steve Madden. The crossbody bag is something I’ve had for a few years from Michael Kors. I have been obsessed with its glowing Sapphire colour for a long time! Ideally I would wear something sleeveless under a jacket like this – but it’s still far too cold! What are

essential oils

Essential Oils + Unique Ways to Use Them in Your Everyday Life

Hi gorgeous! Today I am going to write my long awaited post on Essential Oils. If you don’t know already, Essential Oils are either steam distilled or cold pressed from a plant or fruit. They are very potent and deliver the benefits of their sources in concentrated form. It is very important to do your research prior to use but when used properly, many of them offer both emotional and physical benefits. Some oils can

Fawn Design Mini Diaper Bag in Gray

Downsizing with My Fawn Design Mini Diaper Bag!

Every mom has her own style of parenting. For me – I would rather stress less and not sweat the small stuff than be on top of everything! For some mothers that may be a horrifying thought and to others it could sound deeply refreshing! I guess you could say I am this strange combination of both A and B type personalities. I like to get things done ASAP and be prepared, but I don’t like

Zaful Shirt Dress

Musings of a Millennial Turning 30

Hello Babes! Well – this is it, I’ve officially hit the big 3-0. Scary? Not at all! Although, I simply cannot believe how much the time has flown. When people would tell me that it goes faster the older you get I didn’t believe them! I was told by a dear friend of mine that turning 50 is a very liberating age. It might be safe to say that 30, for me is somewhere along

Los Angeles

10 Ways to Express Random Acts of Kindness

Have you ever paid it forward to a complete stranger? If so, you can probably admit that it feels really darn good. In today’s post I wanted to share some creative ways to express a random act of kindness. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture to make someone’s day. It’s the little things… Pay for the order behind you at a drive-thru. If you don’t have limitless funds yourself, make sure to

Redecorating Our Living Room!

Being on Mat Leave has given me time to analyze all the things I want changed in our house. Before having J, we had redone quite a bit already but there were a couple of areas still left untouched from how the previous owners left it. Although we had painted our living room light gray from a Cadbury Milk Chocolate colour (which is great for many things but not on walls!) we had yet to

My Nested Bean Sleep Sack GIVEAWAY!

Hi mamas with little ones! There are a select few of you who have babies that have always slept peacefully for hours through the night. I am incredibly happy for you. Motherhood is no piece of cake for anyone! Then there is the rest of us *cough* myself included! Let me tell you – there is hope to sleep again. I am finding that sometimes it is the simplest fix (and other times there is no fix

capsule wardrobe challenge

My 10-Day Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Experience

I had often dreamed of having a capsule wardrobe but never intentionally acted on it. In theory it sounded amazing to have a few select, neutral pieces that all paired well with each other for endless combinations. When my friend V announced that she was taking on the #winter10x10 capsule wardrobe challenge I was ready to give it a shot. It was created by Lee Vosburgh and Caroline Joy. Those participating would choose 10 items