Freelance Writing

In Need of a Writer to Captivate Your Audience?

Over the past few years of writing for blogs I have often received comments that my passion for writing is evident – whether it be reviewing a lipstick or showcasing some newly created artwork. Having been published in some literary publications over the years,  it has always been something I have greatly enjoyed. Eventually, when I started blogging, the words came to me organically. Under the umbrella of my brand, Joanna Pop, I am launching

Bardot Dress Tiffany Rose

Summer is in the Air: Pink Flowers and Wind Swept Hair!

I couldn’t wait to share this beauty on the blog! Once again, another hit from Tiffany Rose Maternity, the Bardot Dress in Grand Jardin fits like a glove and conveys an effortless elegance that can be worn to the studio, office or a wedding without looking out of place. The is my second dress from this label – my first being the Chloe blogged about here. I adore the pattern of this dress! I usually

Pink Blush Maternity

Breezy Floral Flared Sleeve Dress from PinkBlush Maternity

I’m more than a little stoked to finally enjoy the sunshine with the temperatures rising! I couldn’t wait to wear my floral flared sleeve dress from PinkBlush maternity, paired with one of my favourite hats! I am wearing my old Nine West thong sandals that I cannot seem to let go of! They accent this cold shoulder, bohemian look so well! This baby is growing steadily – and so is my little bump. I love

Mock Neck Dress with a Hint of Sparkle

Lately I have really enjoyed wearing a simple dress paired with minimal accessories. In this month’s Bijoux Box I received a gorgeous statement necklace that adds just a hint of sparkle. It is called the Peony Necklace. Along with it there were a couple of pieces by Nicole Richie’s line, House of Harlow and a cheeky wallet with vintage-inspired graphics. I love having three surprise items delivered to me every month! Be sure to check

My Elegant Lace Dress by Tiffany Rose Maternity

I am saving this gorgeous Tiffany Rose Chloe Lace Dress for a special occasion but today being gloomy – with the forecast seemingly not getting any better for the next week, I thought I would style it as part of my daily outfit and make everything more cheerful. This dress comes in a wide range of colours but I could not resist the Orchid Blush shade so it clearly had to be mine! I love

Boss Babe

How I Stay Motivated

Following your dreams while still keeping up with the necessities of day to day life is not always easy. I will be the first to admit that! Starting my business 4 years ago, while working like crazy at a day job I disliked was extremely draining. Now days, throw in my pregnancy (depleted energy!) along with keeping up with a blog and various other projects, it can feel so logical to just simply lay down

Pink Blush Maternity Maxi Dress

Boho Vibes with PinkBlush Maternity

This Pop is going to POP in a few months! It was only a matter of time before my waistline expanded to a point that I could no longer jam into my regular clothes (unless they were/are made of spandex, of course). I spent a couple of months living in my black tights as it was far too cold to slip on a cute dress. Thank goodness, the second half of my pregnancy will be

Zara Frilled-Sleeve Dress

Accessorizing My Frilled-Sleeve Dress

One of my favourite stores to shop at is Zara. I have come to expect lineups for both the change rooms and the cashiers and I must confess I  will often slip something on over my clothes in the middle of the floor. This Frilled-Sleeve Dress was no exception! After trying it on in-store I went home and ordered it online here. A little idea for any of my bridal readers looking for an unconventional,

Ripped Jeans

Getting Ripped for Summer

The one thing I can never get enough of is ripped jeans. Once I find the perfect pair I usually wear them until there are more holes than actual jean. This was very much the case with my tried and true favourite pair I purchased from American Eagle a couple of years ago! This past weekend was beautiful – so I did not miss a chance to pull these tattered beauties from the back of

Joanna Pop in studio

Introducing LIVE Illustrating for Your Event – Booking Spring/Summer 2017!

Hello beauties — I have some exciting news! Today I am unveiling the launch of a new initiative for Joanna Pop.  I am offering booking opportunities for me to come to your event and illustrate your attendees! If you are a brand/business who would love to offer your guests the novelty of receiving an original black and white fashion illustration (of them self) on-site I would LOVE to hear from you! I will continue to