My Fashion Illustration Business: Welcome to the Next Chapter

Having launched the website for my Fashion Illustration business over three years ago I am no stranger to putting my work on the internet in a way that is easy and accessible for my followers and clients to browse through. I wanted to keep the same chic, minimalist appearance that I love, but incorporate the ever growing and changing face of Joanna Pop –both the business and yours truly. Sometimes it is so easy to fall into a a comfortable little nook without realizing it. I like to feel that my business is constantly evolving into something new, while still holding true to the original values and foundation that inspired me to launch my own brand. Where do I see myself in 10 years? I couldn’t tell you. The world isn’t the same place day to day and I love to have the flexibility to be that person who can be the best version of myself however times may change.

The new has many of the same features as my previous web design: a gallery, a way to connect with me along with links to previous work. What I have now done differently is made this more of an interactive space. Weekly updates on fashion and lifestyle inspirations can keep you in the loop on current projects, passions and exciting new endeavors. I decided on a blog-style home page because I also love to hear feedback from my followers and readers — and I want to thank you all for having supported me prior to this!

The people I connect with (you guys) are a constant source of inspiration! I love to hear your ideas and thoughts and it is so thrilling to get to know you during milestone moments in your lives whether it be launching your own new website or business, your wedding or baby shower. My custom fashion illustrations capture you in style — and I feel like we become friends along the way.

So here’s to a new chapter of Joanna Pop.

Do you have any questions or suggestions of what you would like to see in my posts?

Note: All of the custom illustrations showcased on my blog are the property of myself and/or my clients and should not be used without credits to the artist (myself). I do not offer my services for free, but if you would like a fashion illustration to be used as decor or for branding purposes — send me an email and I would be happy to discuss working with you.

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