fresh and bright living room

Fresh and Airy Interiors: Wall Groupings 101


This past weekend while in Toronto I came across this fabulous display by Helmut Lang. I love the irregular wall grouping of fashion sketches. There are so many creative ways to display your original art, photos, prints and tapestries on your walls. I personally like when it looks a little out of order yet still maintains an overall even balance.

fresh and bright living room

This is my living room. When we first moved in, the walls were a medium brown (think of opening a milk chocolate candy bar) and that was what you got. It wasn’t deep enough to be elegant and rich, and far too dark to open up our space. I really wish I had a before picture to show you! I disliked it so much that I deliriously began cutting in one day as I was home, sick with fever. By late evening I felt even more ill than I already did but our living room was this beautiful shade of gray by Farrow and Ball called “Dimpse” that you see here.

The walls were how I wanted them and it was time to make my space more inviting. An easy way to create a settled, polished look is to adorn your walls. Groupings add interest to your room without making you spend loads of cash and time.

Easy Checklist:

  • Choose pieces that vary in size and shape
  • Mixing gold, black and white frames keeps it simple but makes it interesting
  • Lay them out on your floor to decide how you would like them arranged on your wall
  • Take a photo of the grouping on the floor once you have them placed just right
  • Use your photo as a guide and hold the frame up to your wall, making a pencil mark for where to put your nail or screw
  • If in doubt, ask a second opinion to look at the positioning as you hold each piece up
  • Put in your nails or screws

That’s it. Your quick guide to creating easy wall groupings. I loved it so much I also created one for the master bedroom. (below)

wall grouping with portrait

I would like to hear your personal tips and ideas on making your room look put together. What is your go-to room accessory?



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