The Collette Grande Cafe and Bakery

Living the Sweet Life with Sugarfina and Cake


I am not going to pretend that I regularly like sweets and sugar. When my sister and I have girls’ nights we often order wings or cook something. We laugh about the fact that our mom gives us our favourite types of cheese for Christmas instead of chocolate. I do not meet many other girls like this so it is funny that we happen to be in the same family. Our mom is nothing like this. She is as sweet as pie. Occasionally I do indulge in a little bit of processed sugar. These are a couple of my recent picks.


sugarfina Nordstrom Toronto

If I do enjoy a good sugary treat my top choice is something that has a floral or fruit ingredient. I tried a drink made with flowers (lavender) when I was in Brooklyn, NY. It was mixed with lemon and was sour and sweet at the same time. This taste was so intriguing that I went ahead and bought my own lavender plant for my garden. I chose a variety that was great for baking. My plant has yet to bloom (maybe next year)! I look forward to treating my friends with some floral delicacies!

I’ve also tasted a macaron made with apricot and lavender — a hit. Knowing this, one of my best friends was in Paris and picked me up two Pierre Herme macarons in flavors that included Jasmine and Rose. Macarons do taste great, but I think the appeal for most is how nice they look when you snap a photo of them.

sugarfina bella rosa


When I visited Nordstrom at the Eaton’s Centre in Toronto I stopped by the Sugarfina display and picked up these fun rosewater-infused hard candies (pictured above). Currently I am using them as I would a mint and I love them. What also draws me to Sugarfina is their cute packaging and their roots — they started in Malibu. I will talk more on that in the future, but LA and area is one of my favourite places so far that I have traveled to in North America.

The Collette Grande Cafe and Bakery

The Grande Colette Cafe and Bakery

Now I will move on to an elegant little patch of Parisian heaven in Toronto. The Colette Grande Cafe and Bakery is a beautiful and tasty spot to stop for a quick sugar fix. Located by a tranquil park with hydrangea bushes framing the outskirts of it, it could not be in a more perfect setting. I had been wanting to go for some time when I would see it in photographs through various forms of social media.

raspberry white chocolate cake

My order consisted of a piece of white chocolate raspberry cake and it was worth the $7 CAD I spent on it. I also ordered a herbal tea. It was an overall great experience and I would love to go back. Tea date anyone?

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