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Baby Shower Gifts that Will Impress

My life is quickly becoming a newborn utopia full of pregnant friends and baby showers galore. Often with the grandmothers contributing the gifts with the largest dollar value, it’s hard to give something that won’t get lost in the pile of adorably cute baby shower items. Here are a few suggestions that are sure to be a hit.


etsy baby shower gift

Get an Item Personalized

I love to go to Etsy for gifts. The great part is that you can get items customized. Your gift suddenly becomes a treasured keepsake. Things like this personalized hair brush (pictured above) only work with baby showers where the mother is releasing the name/gender of her baby. If it is all a mystery, something like this would not work — unless you plan on giving it after the birth of the child. If this does suit the type of baby shower you will be attending you can bet the mom-to-be and grandmothers will be fawning over it. There’s something about seeing a baby’s name written down.

 Plan a Date Night for Her and Her Man

The new mom will most likely have zero time to focus on herself. Give her a gift card to her favourite restaurant along with the promise to babysit on that night — even though it will most likely be 6 months down the road. A gift like this shows thought and can really be pampering. You could even throw in a “fund” for  her to use at a concert, ballet, play or sports game depending on the type of girl she is!


custom pregnant sketch by Joanna Pop

Order a Custom Illustration

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Capture a special moment in her life with a Custom Fashion Illustration. I recently did an order for a soon-to-be grandmother excited for the arrival of twin boys! I drew an illustration of the happy couple complete with baby bump. People often think a fashion sketch needs to be stick thin, but I feel like they are best when they capture an idealized essence of the subject — whether it be bride, mama, fashionista or all three! This is a thoughtful way to present to the mother something so personal and unique.

She can hang it on her wall, display it on the fireplace mantle, or place it in an album. Most baby shower gifts are solely focused on the child, this gift says volumes and brings a bit of focus to the amazing woman who is about to sacrifice so much for her little babe.

Pay for a Photo Shoot

Babies grow so fast and to prepay for a photo session is an excellent way of looking ahead and taking care of things. These can get to be expensive but the memories are worth it. Depending on how close you are to the mama-to-be you can even choose a photographer who takes photos in the style of her liking. Some personal suggestions are here and here.

Salt-Lake Newborn Photography



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