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Business Owner: Trying to Work but You’ve Caught a Cold

I scribbled down my to-do list in my Day Designer. “Tomorrow is going to be a productive day.” I think to myself. I have a good sleep, aside from the nightmare in the morning hours of losing my dog in a far away city. I wake up to find that all is well and he is sleeping soundly beside me. Then it hits me, I feel so achy. My throat is a little sore and wow do I feel drained.

Your work is important to you. When you are a business owner, your “brand baby” relies on you. I had the thought today. “No! Not now I don’t have time for this.” It’s silly — it’s not like I could schedule it in my agenda for another day.

We have all faced it, that awkward kind of sick that zaps all of your energy. It isn’t bad enough to put you completely out of order but you still don’t feel physically or mentally able to accomplish everything. What do you do?


peppermint tea with lemon and ginger

Edit Your List

I hated the thought of doing this, but  knew it was necessary. If I pushed myself too hard I may not recover as fast.  After a quick look through my to-do’s I crossed out the things that did not have to be done today. I left myself with only the really urgent agenda items. It looked a little bit like this:


  • 6 final illustrations
  • Purchase wine, tags, copic marker in E11
  • Do swatches for TBR
  • Pay Hydro
  • Schedule/write blog post
  • Borrow dress (tomorrow)


  • Complete 1 final illustration
  • Purchase wine, tags, copic marker
  • Pay Hydro
  • Schedule/write blog post

I narrowed it down to a list that was still extremely productive. To let you in on the reasoning behind this edit I will explain. Although I had 6 illustrations to complete, only one needed to be done today as my client is flying out from her home in Boston, to Philadelphia. She is giving the custom illustration as a gift to a bride and needs the digital copy before the wedding. My photo shoot with Laura of LN Photography is happening next week and I needed to get everything in order. Therefore, my purchases (wine, tags etc) remain. Hydro was due today (nearly forgot) so I paid it. The dress and swatches can wait. The  blog post cannot.

peppermint tea with lemon

Put Goodness Into Your Body

Peppermint tea with honey is great. Honey has antibacterial properties along with naturally soothing an irritated throat. I have heard that lemons can balance your pH levels even though they are acidic. Add in a bit of ginger (I am told — but I skip the ginger part) and you’re set.

Take a Nap

If this is possible (I do not have kids so it is) let your body regenerate by taking a nap. You will recharge faster so that you can “work work work work work.” I am also not against taking medicine.

Do any of these tips help you? Disclaimer: Everyone’s circumstance and body is different. I am solely sharing my personal opinion of what I do when recovering from a cold.


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