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Fashion Illustration 101: Choosing the Perfect Shot

Most of the fashion illustrations for my clients are based off of photos they send to me, Sometimes it is a series of pictures and other times just one single photo to replicate as it is. Choosing the perfect shot is so important and I am always happy to assist! Here are some super simple tips.

Choose a Straight-Ahead Photo

Photos where the photographer is at the same level as the client is best for an illustration. Anything that is taken at a slightly overhead angle foreshortens the image. (eg. your legs a bit too short, your head larger) When translating this into a sketch this makes the figure look out of proportion.

Find a Pic with a Decent Resolution

This does not even have to be a professional photograph from a shoot, but it needs to be clear enough to see details. In a custom fashion illustration pattern and texture can be important. I find often with wedding gowns, white on white lace is hard to see even in a good photo. I like to zoom in to see where the lace begins and ends to give your dress the proper style and effect.

Pick a Substitute

If you have trouble finding shots that follow the two tips listed above, try sending “substitute photos” along with what you have. Maybe it is an ad in a magazine featuring your gown, but with a crisper shot of the detail? Send this along with a photo of you and I can create the masterpiece!

Get Creative

Even if you have never seen me create a sketch in a particular pose, I am open to creative shots! This summer I had a client from Florida who sent me a wedding picture of her husband and herself, with their bodies facing each other and heads turned looking backward. In the photo it looked sweet, and equally so when it was sketched! You can see this illustration in my gallery.

I hope these pointers helped a little bit when choosing the perfect shot for your illustration. I can’t wait to work with you! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Click below to subscribe!


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