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Wedding Bliss: The Top 5 Splurges Worth Investing In for Your Big Day

Some of us dream about our wedding years before it actually happens. When the day comes that a date is set and you begin to plan, that is when you realize how expensive it can get. Not all of us have bottomless bank accounts. Here is a list of 5 wedding services/items that are absolutely worth the splurge.

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A Photographer

When you work so hard on all the fine details you want to remember them forever. Even if you cut back in other areas, investing in a good photographer is something that you will absolutely not regret. The day goes by in a blur and many of the moments you will not have the chance to properly take in due to the craziness. An experienced photographer knows how to direct the group and quell the chaos, making the picture-taking experience as stress-free and relaxed as possible.

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Food and drink are big factors in your wedding being a success to your guests. Although they are there for you and your spouse — food and drink are a big incentive for them to be enjoying themselves almost as much as you are. Even if the wedding is gorgeous, if your guests do not have satisfied stomachs they are bound to walk away disappointed, For some, it may even override their entire experience. That being said, it is still your day, not theirs and you can’t make everyone happy all the time. Do your best and then just kick back and focus on you and the one you are tying the knot with.

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 A Makeup Artist

Unless you are a makeup artist yourself, it is nice to leave it to the professionals. A makeup artist will insure that the type of makeup you are wearing will appear flawless in photos, with no shine or reflections in the wrong places. They will also make sure that it will stay all day, amid the laughter and possibly tears. (happy ones of course!) The morning of, a bride has so much to do that everything flies by. Mix that with a few jitters and you do not want to be left frustrated, in the mirror, trying to handle your own beauty look for one of the biggest days of your life.

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Bridesmaid Gifts

The girls who stand beside you on your day, posing for photos and being your own personal assistants through everything deserve a fabulous thank you. They hold your dress up as you pee for gosh sake! Finding something personal, thoughtful and worth keeping forever is an investment you will not regret.

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A Good DJ

Someone who knows how to direct the beats is an expert at creating the right mood for your reception. You want an individual who can seamlessly play that waltz for you, along with some club hits to get that party started. Music creates mood and should never be an afterthought if dancing is on the agenda.

Let me know if these tips were helpful to you! I would love to hear your thoughts.


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