Isabelle Armstrong 2017

Style Alert! Wedding Gown Trends for 2017

Sometimes I think about how amazing it is that the bridal fashion industry can create hundreds designs using predominantly white and off-white as the theme. This season there are a few trends that seemed to show up quite strongly on the runways. If you are looking for that perfect, statement-making, jaw-dropping piece, one of these options might be the perfect fit.

Liancarolo 2017
Liancarlo 2017 Photo all credits go to the appropriate sources.

Off the Shoulder

This look is elegance in its purest form. I love how it also has sexy undertones. Whenever I see gowns that are off the shoulder I think of a noble dancing at a ball in a royal court. It is timeless for a reason. Purchasing a dress of this style will both flatter and accentuate your natural beauty! I adore this Liancarlo gown with its tasteful lace detailing.

Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta: Photo Credit Luca Tombolini 2017

Bows Bows Bows!

Anyone who knows me personally can admit to the fact that I am a big sucker for bows. The bigger the better. Back in the day I took a Teen Vogue Gossip Girl Style Quiz and got Blair Waldorf. I thought to myself, “No, really?” Upon closer observation I realized that yes, really. She is one character who does sport lots of cute, elegant bows. Coincidence? I think not! My style has evolved throughout the years and is always changing but my love of bows still remains. I had originally planned to have a sash on my wedding gown 5 years ago but we lost it the morning of. If you are looking for something minimalist, elegant and feminine, a dress with clean lines and an eye catching bow like this Oscar de la Renta would be the perfect fit!

Isabelle Armstrong 2017
Isabelle Armstrong: Photo from all credits go to the appropriate sources.

Plunging Neckline

For a downright sexy look this is also an option. I think you would just have to hope it was a warm day outside or this could get a little chilly. There are so many variations of the plunging neckline on the runway — some have mesh and lace down your chest so you are not fully “baring it all.” I really love that option and would wear it to a fancy event. This gown by Isabelle Armstrong is breathtaking! I love love love it. What are your thoughts?




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