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Bachelorette Weekend Ideas To Spoil Your Best Friend

Your best friend is on the threshold of celebrating one of the biggest decisions of her life. She has asked you to be her Maid of Honor. You have been by her side through many of the painstaking details for her wedding day. Now to plan the bachelorette! You want something catered to her interests and loads of fun. What do you do?

No Hints

Since most of this is up to you and the bridesmaids, you can make it at point of not letting the bride in on anything but the date it will happen. I think many do this, but you can take it a step further by not telling her where you are going once you have picked her up and the weekend has begun! You can all pitch in by writing her a funny card containing a riddle with clues. Keep her guessing!

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Where To?

A trip away, even just a couple hours can still feel like a mini vacation. Research places in your area that offer interesting experiences that can be relaxing, invigorating, exciting or funny. I live in Southern Ontario and I really love Blue Mountain. The village itself is cute and you are surrounded by nature. It is also just minutes away from the Scandinavian Spa . If you and your party would like massages at the spa remember to book at least 3 months in advance as spots get reserved fast. Also, arrive as early as you can in the morning or lineups can be intense. Even a half an hour can make the difference from being near the beginning or the end of a long lineup!

To book a place to stay, a cottage or house is a great option. My friends and I always go with which offers plenty of options to stay anywhere in the world! The nice thing about planning for a larger group is that you can go splits on the cost.

If you all like to dance but are not into your typical club experience try purchasing tickets to a concert or festival!

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Create Keepsakes

It’s nice for the bride to have something special to take away from the weekend aside from the memories. You and the rest of the girls can collect all the photos you took among you and compile a photo book. I have also seen it done where the bridesmaids frame a group shot and each leave a kiss along the white mat in a different shade of lipstick!

No Regrets

Most importantly the goal is for the weekend to be fun, free and catered to the bride herself. The last thing you want is her to be uncomfortable with a situation or activity. If in doubt — consult with her first on ideas you are unsure about!

I hope these ideas and tips were helpful in planning your friend’s bachelorette weekend. I would love to hear your thoughts on past experiences or what you are thinking to do! If you like what you read remember to subscribe to my blog below.






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