Living Room Updates

Many of you have seen photos of my living room via Instagram and other forms of social media, along with a little peak of it in this post. Lately there have a been a few additions!

Air Purifying Snake Plant

I love plants and made a visit to a local nursery to purchase more green goodness for my house. I picked up this lovely Snake Plant which also happens to be an excellent air purifier. I may also purchase one for my bedroom as it is good to have in the room while you sleep.

I potted it in a Chinese vase that I bought for $10 at an antique market this weekend with my friend.

acrylic on canvas fashion illustration

Another new item in my living room is this painting. It is acrylic and ink on canvas — something I created awhile back and had displayed in my office.

coffee table books

For a recent photo shoot I borrowed some lovely props from a design-savvy friend of mine who later told me to keep some of them for my house. I finally decided I would be more practical with my coffee table and placed all the interesting objects I wanted displayed beneath the glass to leave room to actually use the table!

The tray and coral stole my heart — two items I was given by said-friend as props. I am so glad that I got to keep them!

I am displaying my STIL Day Planner for the remainder of the year on here. When 2017 hits I will be putting it to good use! Of course my Diptyque BAIES candle is continuing to be a staple in many of my living room decor displays. I purchased it this summer on my trip to San Francisco as a little treat to myself and love that I catch a whiff of the scent now and then even without having ever lit it!

air plants

The kitchen, living room and dining room are all open concept so needless to say the decor in each “room” compliments each adjacent one. I love buying things that are “mini” so these little plants were an obvious must. The newest member of my collection is the cheeky little air plant in the triangular pot.

fresh cut roses

I also purchase¬†fresh cut flowers when the opportunity arises. Who needs an occasion for roses anyway? I could not take my eyes of the perfect pastel colours of these ones, purchased at the farmer’s market this weekend.

My living room decor is constantly evolving as I enjoy changing things up. I will keep you posted on any further updates as they happen.

Happy Monday!

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