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Home Sweet Home: My Minimalist Bedroom Sneak Peek

My home has been shaping up in the past couple of years to be more of a reflection of my husband and I. When we first moved in 2014, the previous owners had left it a medium chocolate brown (think of a Caramilk bar). I am never one to gravitate towards that shade when it comes to decorating so needless to say I could not wait until I could find the time to make our house into something our own!

Today I am sharing a sneak peak at our master bedroom revamp. I am sorry to say I did not take before photos but I will mention that it was painted a warm, medium grey that did not mesh with our personal home style. On Boxing Day we set out to get the job done. It is still a work in progress, but with the walls painted we are well on our way!

house plants

I have mentioned it before but I love plants! As natural air purifiers they supply you with the fresh, clean air your body needs. I purchased a snake plant awhile back, blogged about here. I also put one of my air plants into a container purchased at CB2 in Toronto. Air plants are  very low maintenance. They do not need water regularly and when they do, you simply mist the leaves with a spray bottle.

Some of you may remember a wall grouping above this. To give us some more room, I have shifted the bed over, giving me the task of having to create an entirely new one if I choose. If I used the old nails the group will no longer align with the headboard. For now I am loving how extremely minimalist this is! Like a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless.

white duvet

I treated myself to a fresh new duvet cover. We used to own a white one in the past but due to having a Yorkie who made it his own it was impractical. Now he is a little older and wiser so I would like to give it another shot. White duvets are perfect backdrops for sorting through your essentials – and for photos like these! As an unrelated side note: My absolute favourite deodorant on the far left can be found here. It is all natural and actually works!

I hope you enjoyed my sneak peak at our master bedroom. I look forward to sharing progress updates and hearing any input on what you think we should do next!



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