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Bad Haircut Survival 101

Hello! Today I thought I would share a little on haircuts – the good, the bad and the ugly (but mostly the bad and ugly). I have had a long and rocky relationship with haircuts. They used to be continually a bad thing and I would avoid them at all costs.

My mom would take me to bargain salons (not mentioning any names) and although everyone’s intentions were good I usually walked away with some interpretation of a chin length bob with bangs or a bowl cut. The older I got, the more tears involved! I would grow my hair out to Rapunzel-like lengths until I couldn’t possibly grow it any longer without it weighing down my head (thick hair problems). I would then think “The hairdresser has so much length to work with, there is no way she will cut it all the way to my chin this time!” Boy, was I wrong!

By the end of high school I managed to find a couple of good salons and slowly haircuts began to gain my trust. Often, you get what you pay for BUT there have been a handful of times that I have been more satisfied at a more cost-effective establishment (the hair school downtown) than at a more expensive place. Today was a fluke. I got a not so great haircut due to a miscommunication error on both our ends. I ended up going somewhere else and getting it fixed by another stylish – now I am completely happy.

Here are some tips I have learned on what to do when you get that cringe-worthy, bad haircut.

Almost Every Haircut is Salvageable

In talking with my stylist who fixed my hair today, she told me that almost every haircut can be saved. Of course, if your hair stylist cut off more than you intended it may still be a short cut when you wanted a long one. The good thing is, it doesn’t have to be a tasteless, or poorly done short cut. So before you go into full-out breakdown mode and crumble into a ball crying, look for another stylist whom you have heard good things about or have liked in the past. I suggest you make sure it is someone whom you can communicate well with! Then book your appointment and get them to fix what was started!

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Tie It Back

If it is long enough you can tie it back into a pony tail or bun. Google different looks that require having your hair up and even incorporate stylish headbands and wraps to help hold hair in place and distract everyone from any less than ideal parts of your tresses. Sometime all it takes is tying back your bangs or the front of your hair and it’s like nothing happened. If you are still having no luck, you can always wear a cool turban, they are tres chic.

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Add Waves or curls

Being someone with straight, thick hair, every cut can be seen unless blended carefully. Adding some messy beach waves to your hair can disguise some of those choppy parts, making them less visible.

Get Hair Extensions

If you really need the length, there are plenty of hair extension options. Awhile back I purchased these Daisy Fuentes Secret Extensions. They looked gorgeous but unfortunately I had to return them because my hair is SO thick that I would have needed 6 packages of them. You simply slip them on in the morning and off again at night. A perfect solution if you really miss your length or are attending an event where you would more than prefer it.

In the end, hair grows! Eat a balanced diet and don’t fry your hair with chemicals and you will have smooth, shiny and perfect hair in a matter of months!

I hope this helped – I would love to hear any of your hair horror stories! Message me privately or share them below!


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