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This Weekend’s Surprise Birthday Party

My cousin J came up with the brilliant idea of throwing her sister-in-law (my cousin-in-law) a surprise 30th birthday party. Her, along with myself and our other cousin M (yes I have a lot of amazing cousin-friends in my family) got together and pooled resources! The family all gave money and we purchased a gorgeous Tory Burch bag as a gift. Along with this we decorated, cooked and created the perfect, laid back afternoon complete with mimosas, cupcakes, fresh donuts and tacos!

target vases

Our cousin M has the most beautiful house – a perfect location to decorate. Don’t you love her gorgeous speckled vases from Target?

fiddle leaf fig

The large fiddle leaf fig added the right amount of greenery to her living room!

diy banner

We decided on creating a banner out of brown paper, glue, twine and paint. We worked fast and had it complete in under 20 minutes. I had the task of finger painting the letters on to the triangles (we had no brushes on hand).

entry way surprise party banner

The completed entry way was so grand once complete with the gold 30 balloon J picked up earlier that morning,


Our birthday girl loves donuts so fresh baked ones from Debrodniks was the perfect choice!


We had help from the guys as they chopped and prepped all the ingredients for the tacos!

red velvet cupcakes

Thirty cupcakes for 30 years! The one in the bottom left corner accidentally fell flat on its top on the floor. We cleaned it off – we couldn’t have 29 cupcakes now could we?


Of course, who couldn’t resist a fierce group shot? From left to right M, J, myself and the birthday girl in behind! We were perfecting our pouts and trying not to laugh.

The birthday girl

The birthday queen and her hubby. He was great at keeping the secret, she was so incredibly surprised and had no clue. This was such a great way to celebrate a fabulous friend. A Saturday perfectly spent.


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