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How I Stay Motivated

Following your dreams while still keeping up with the necessities of day to day life is not always easy. I will be the first to admit that! Starting my business 4 years ago, while working like crazy at a day job I disliked was extremely draining. Now days, throw in my pregnancy (depleted energy!) along with keeping up with a blog and various other projects, it can feel so logical to just simply lay down and sink into my lovely mattress, wrapped in a feathery duvet.

Today I am sharing some tips on how I stay motivated.


1. Focus on the Priorities

I find it so easy to get carried away and try to do everything! Eventually it just feels overwhelming so I am discovering it’s better to weed out things that aren’t priorities and focus on a few big tasks at a time. Once you accomplish them, you may find you have a bit of energy left over to accomplish the less important tasks — or otherwise simply take a well-deserved nap. Regardless, you are on the right track without feeling like you are scrambling around, completely drained.

2. Reward Yourself

What’s hard work without a little treat now and then? I like to set certain personal “reward” goals such as “after these are complete I will go and do this.” Sometimes it is an activity I have been wanting to do for awhile but won’t get around to unless I set some limits and decide that it will be happening for sure.

3. Get Enough Sleep

I guess this post has mentioned naps a few too many times (haha) but I will say it again! Although I am guilty of working late into the night, I am slowly learning that proper rest is very important and makes me much more productive in the long-run. Maybe it has something to do with growing a human inside of me that also leaves me no choice in the matter.

4. Think Positively

It is so easy to fall into the trap of  feeling like things are at a stand still while you are working so hard! I always remind myself that great opportunities can happen in an instant! The best thing you can do for yourself is consistently keep at it and push negativity out of the way. You can still be realistic about timelines and goals, but no need to drag yourself down about your progress!

5. Write Down Your Goals

I like to check in  with myself and physically write down both my long and short term goals on a piece of paper. This helps me visualize exactly what I want to do and when I am hoping to do it. Somehow, getting the goals out of my head and into ink solidifies them and helps me plan a course of action.

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There are many other ways people stay motivated but for me these are a few that really seem to help, especially when things are very busy! I would love to hear your tips and ideas of what keeps you going when you have a to-do list that appears to be never ending!

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