My Elegant Lace Dress by Tiffany Rose Maternity

I am saving this gorgeous Tiffany Rose Chloe Lace Dress for a special occasion but today being gloomy – with the forecast seemingly not getting any better for the next week, I thought I would style it as part of my daily outfit and make everything more cheerful.

Tiffany Rose Maternity

This dress comes in a wide range of colours but I could not resist the Orchid Blush shade so it clearly had to be mine! I love how the sheer sleeves and delicate neckline complement this feminine dress so well!


At 21 weeks my bump is steadily growing. I find the strategically placed front pleats in this dress perfectly accommodates my changing shape. It being freezing cold and rainy, I layered it with a favourite classic trench of mine, pairing it with some open-toed, nude heels from Aldo.

Joanna Pop Fashion Illustratiion

I also went back home to my studio space and created this chic illustration of it!

To give some background on Tiffany Rose, they are label who designs and makes dresses in Britain, creating maternity wear for special occasions along with everyday, ladylike looks. It is impossible not to be elegant in any of their pieces! I would like to put a lot of emphasis on where these dresses are made. Each garment comes with a tag explaining where it was created, along with a brief overview of the significance of the area. The Chloe Lace Dress in particular was brought to life in Sheffield, a city founded in the 12th century. It is based in the heart of South Yorkshire and known for its wool production during the middle ages. Being a history buff I was thrilled about the attention drawn to this aspect of my dress!

It is such a good feeling to be wearing and supporting a brand that is ethically produced. I cannot say enough great things about this label!


lace smile

The quality is impeccable and it fits like a glove. I love that it can also be dressed up or down.

Tiffany Rose Chloe Lace Dress

If you are an expecting mama who refuses to compromise on style I strongly suggest Tiffany Rose Maternity. They ship to Canada…hint hint. If you are not cooking a bun in your oven they also have a non-maternity label called Alie Street which embodies the same kind of effortless elegance.

With all of the weddings, bridal and baby showers coming up this summer I am so glad to have something gorgeous like this to wear and feel good in, while being comfortable at the same time! Are you looking to incorporate some ethically produced classics to your wardrobe?

Note: I was given this gorgeous dress for my careful consideration and review, handpicking it myself from their collection. I only express my true opinion and choosing to feature an item is by my own personal choice. Should you have a product, brand or service you would like me to review please contact me Visit my partnerships page if you would like more details.


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