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In Honor of National Best Friends Day: June 8th

This week, on June 8th, we celebrate those true and genuine spirits we have the honor of calling our best friends.

I just got back from a fun-packed weekend in Bayfield, Ontario for my friend Bella’s Bachelorette.

I have  a small circle of friends who are like sisters to me. I value when people can be real  — and throughout life have found reliable (girl) friends hard to find! What is it with women anyways? Starting in my 20’s, I was blessed with slowly meeting a handful of individuals I could count on, and have learned to let those go whom I cannot.

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To be completely blunt, I reached a point in my late teens that I did not believe any good female friends existed in my corner of the world. I am one who has always valued people, and feel that in any kind of relationship a certain amount of sacrifice is required at times (it goes both ways!)

Not until I was willing to let go of toxic friend relationships and be completely alone, did the right people come into my life. Being selective is super key! In closing I leave you with a little list I have composed on traits that reveal the heart of a true friend. Let’s take a few moments this week to be thankful for those we have, the ones who love our true selves, quirks and all and those who we can count on will be there if they say they will! To my best friends (some pictured, some not) – I love you, thank you for being such amazing humans! I cannot wait for my baby to meet you.

Traits of a Friend and/or How to Be One:

  • They have your best interest in mind, and celebrate with you when you succeed
  • They rarely cancel plans unless there is a good reason to
  • You don’t hear them constantly saying negative things about others (because chances are if that’s the case – they may say things about you too)
  • They can be honest with you – even if it isn’t always what you want to hear
  • They are not sneaky or condescending
  • Along with telling you about their day, they want to hear about yours too
  • They reach out  to you (and not always you to them)
  • They don’t only call you up when they need something
  • They know how to laugh at themselves
  • Even if you fight – you can both be humble enough to say you’re sorry or admit you were wrong!
  • Your life is enriched knowing them
  • They trust you want the best for them and are not suspicious or judgmental
  • They try to put themselves in your shoes

Remember – your vibe attracts your tribe!

Happy National Best Friend’s Day (this week) to all the beautiful, wild, free and true spirits who lift those around them up!




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  1. Reply Maria January 29, 2018 at 5:46 am

    I agree that honesty and positivity are key. It was the same with me that I developed more positive friendships with girls after my teen years. What is it with teenage girls? Haha. So glad to have friends I truly live in my life 🙏

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