PinkBlush Maternity Maxi Dress

Pineapple Hair – Don’t Care in My Super Comfortable Maxi Dress

Do you ever have those days when you really don’t feel like doing anything with your hair that takes longer than 10 seconds? That’s me, nearly every morning! My go-to look when my hair is super long is the pineapple bun. I gather an elastic around it as if I am going to make a pony tail but instead do not bring my hair the full way through. Then I pull the sides of the “bun” outwards to give it some boost! I tend to wear it as high on my head as possible.

maternity maxi dress

It is definitely very convenient when your hair weighs at least a pound as mine does! It is very thick and coarse so any type of heat styling is a big time commitment.

maxi dress

The perfect outfit for a very low maintenance day is a flowing maxi dress. This Ruffle Trim Open Shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress I ordered from PinkBlush is very loose and great for the hot summer ahead. I have heard that pregnancy this time of year can get very uncomfortable, so being in my third trimester all through the balmiest months I am slowly stocking up on cool and comfy essentials!

One thing to watch out for when ordering maxi dresses online is the length. I knew this one would be a little long for me but plan on going to my tailor to get it shortened. I am only 5’3 so very rarely are dresses fitted to my height! Long story short (no pun intended) – if you are tall you are in luck, and if you are on the shorter side, expect to get it shortened (which is really no big deal!)

ruffle shoulder maxi dress

To all my fellow pregnant women out there – pineapple hair and a maxi dress is the way to go this summer! Would you rock this look? I’d love to hear about your other easy outfit go-to’s when you don’t feel up to the task of piecing together something complicated!

Note: I was given this lovely dress as part of the PinkBlush Ambassador Program, carefully choosing the style myself. I only express my true opinion and choosing to feature an item is by my own personal choice. Should you have a product, brand or service that you would like me to review please contact me Visit my partnerships page if you would like more details.

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