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Tips to Help Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

I never thought I would hear so much talk about stretch marks until I announced I was expecting. At 27 weeks I still have zero (yay) and although some of it can come down to your skin’s natural elasticity there are things I have heard that you can do to increase/maintain it on your own.

bio oil

Bio Oil is one widely talked about product for stretch marks! I had already been using this product prior to being sent this lovely gift – something for both me and baby! I will definitely wrap my little one in this adorable swaddle blanket and am quite thrilled to now have enough Bio Oil to last me the rest of the pregnancy. I love its fast absorbency as I can put it on and within a few minutes can barely tell it’s there. Then it has less of a chance of clinging to clothing and feeling oily. As I said already – week 27 and no stretch marks. Just three months to go!

bio oil

A bottle of Bio Oil comes in 60 ml, 125 ml and 200 ml sizes and the price ranges from $11.99 – $26.99 CAD plus applicable taxes.

shea butter

Another product I have been using (I tend to alternate) is 100% natural shea butter…

I purchase it at my local farmers market but you can also buy it online here. Sourced from Ghana, it is as natural and pure as it gets! I really love how dewy and moisturized it makes my skin. My one suggestion is to not wear any good clothing over top of it when you have it lathered on, as it does not absorb quickly and is quite greasy! That being said – it is an excellent natural alternative for assisting in the prevention of stretch marks. It is also a fabulous moisturizer for dry lips and skin in general!

What you put into your body is also very important to maintain the elasticity of skin – so I consciously try to stay as hydrated as possible.I recently purchased a double-walled, stainless steel water bottle and it encourages me to drink more since it is on me all the time.

What are some of the things you do to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy? I would love to hear your tips!

Note: I was given Bio Oil for my careful consideration. I only express my true opinion and choosing to feature an item is by my own personal choice. Should you have a product, brand or service that you would like me to review please contact me Visit my partnerships page if you would like more details.

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