Spring 2017 in Review: Brand, Blog and Personal Update Post

With summer having officially begun I wanted to share with you an update on this past spring! A lot has been going on with my brand and if you haven’t seen the posts already – my belly!

First of all, I want to state exactly which direction my business and blog are going. You may be seeing a few pregnancy-related posts lately. I have carefully chosen to include things in keeping with what many of my readers enjoy. I have partnered with PinkBlush, along with several other companies to share outfits and products I find useful or chic, all staying true to the vibe of my blog! Maternity fashion falls into the style category so considering this bump isn’t going anywhere for the next little while it has been a fun new extension of my personal look.

This blog is not going to transition into a mommy blog. I love reading what other mom’s have to say and believe it is a well-filled niche! All power to other mothers who write about their child rearing experiences as it can be very helpful to others who are feeling lost and tired. Joanna Pop, on the other hand is a Fashion Illustration and Branding company and I would like it to remain in keeping with art, fashion, decor and business. That doesn’t mean I will not occasionally share on a product or experience that is somehow baby-related, but the goal is to keep a focus on why I started this business in the first place!


Some business/art/fashion related highlights of the season:

  • Launched my Live Illustration initiative for company events and parties
  • Had a brunch/coffee date meeting with Tracey of – blogger and co-owner of Lipstick and Muffin Media, future collaborations to come!
  • Was invited/became a member of the Museum After Dark Committee for the Museum in Downtown Kitchener, in which I will contribute ideas on how to enrich the arts and culture in our region
  • Relocated my home studio to a larger space in our house
  • Became a brand ambassador and/or affiliate for a handful of chic and fun companies
  • Created (still creating) engaging blog posts – I would love to hear feedback on what you would like to see more of!
  • Officially offered my services to other brands as a Freelance Writer
  • Had a successful branding photo shoot with Photographer, Andreea Dinca
  • Continuing to write as a contributor for Toronto Beauty Reviews

Some personal highlights of the season:

  • Began decorating the baby’s room – super stoked to put up my Cole & Son Woods wallpaper (more on this below)
  • Went on a gardening frenzy along with trying to repair our hurting backyard (now I can no longer bend easily and the weeds are winning!)
  • Purchased two Fiddle Leaf Figs for a steal! (I have been wanting at least one for quite some time)
  • Bought an UPPAbaby Cruz 2017 stroller. My reasoning behind getting the Cruz over the Vista is a) it is lighter-weight and b) my friend Elaine of is kindly selling me her Cruz attachments (bassinet and car seat) that are less than a year old! I cannot wait to have it all set up. What I love about UPPAbaby strollers is that they combine both style and function. The basket underneath is massive, something which many other strollers only have a small little “scoop” to throw your bag or groceries in. I found a really neat article on the company here.
  • Participating/am a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s weddings this weekend – it’s going to be beautiful!
  • Booked a maternity photo session with one of my favourite photographers – her work can be found at
  • Have been maintaining regular exercise and have not broken my busy routine, despite the lower energy levels due to pregnancy!
Cole & Sons Woods Wallpaper

About the Wallpaper

For the baby room I really wanted a botanical/woodsy theme. I just imagine our little one feeling like it is sleeping in a beautiful forest and upon opening their eyes they see calming images and colors. The Cole & Son Woods wallpaper really fit my vision. You have probably seen it around as it is very iconic! I did not know until after I had purchased it that the company supplies wallpaper for Buckingham Palace and other historic houses in England.  I got the original rolls made by Cole & Son but there are plenty of very good reproductions that I was considering purchasing. My advice would be to also check eBay! I love it because it reminds me of birch trees. Our room is not complete yet, but I plan to do a little tour of it once it is – stay tuned!


Peonies From My Garden!

My peonies this year were plentiful – so the past couple of weeks I have had a steady supply of them to decorate with. If you are looking for a low-maintenance and beautiful perennial that gets more bountiful with blooms every year, I definitely suggest planting some!

Future endeavors that I am looking forward to:

  • Continuing to network as I go on Maternity Leave late this summer, while entering this new phase in life
  • Collaborating with a few fabulous entrepreneurs/creatives on some new and exciting projects
  • Figuring out a “new normal” when baby comes along
  • Sharing more style-savvy outfits, decor and products that I know you would love to hear about!

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