blue maxi wrap dress

Summer Hues – I Love Blues!

Most of my life I have gravitated toward blues and greens. Even when I was a little girl my go-to Crayola crayon that I would use up while leaving the others untouched was “Jungle Green.”

I attribute it partly to me being a huge lover of nature! I was that girl, out in the rain collecting earth worms as pets. I remember creating an entire bucket of them, filled with mud and water because that is what I thought they needed to live. To my horror – it signaled their demise!

Many of my favourite memories were made outside, sometimes running barefoot through grass or over stones (ouch!) and I think one of the most valuable things a human can have is that connection with the raw and natural beauty around them.

Funny how years can pass and here I am in my late 20’s still adoring cool greys, blues and greens for anything from decor to fashion or accessories. When my gender-neutral baby room is complete, the photos will say it all!

blue maxi dress

The newest addition to my wardrobe is this gorgeous wrap-style maxi that I can add to my growing collection of maternity dresses. This piece, like the others, is great because it can easily be worn after baby is born and does not have to be strictly for pregnancy only! It is not a true wrap, just made to look like one so it slips on easily without any fiddling!

The material fits me like a glove and the colour is simply stunning! I am pairing it with my little blush cross body bag that I have been wearing a ton lately! My mother-in-law brought it back for me as a gift from Romania and I just love it to bits. Doesn’t she have great taste?

blue maxi and water bottle

I like the style of a wrap dress because it is a classic staple and can be worn every year without being overly “trendy” but staying current at the same time.  I am strongly considering wearing this one in particular for my baby shower as it is so comfortable yet simple and elegant. An odd fact is that I purchased a water bottle last week and upon closer inspection (holding it up beside the dress) I discovered that they are the exact same shade of blue! As I said, I really have a thing for blues. Plus, who doesn’t match their water bottle to their outfit? Ha ha!

Do you have any classic wrap-style dresses in your closet? I would love to hear more about your favourites!

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