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My 10 “Self-Love” Priorities This Summer

As my due date gets closer and I look forward to meeting the little Pop – I often think of how life is about to change forever. I cannot wait for this next phase, and am fully ready to pour my time, energy and love into a little human that needs me!

Some things, I realize I may not have as much time for when baby comes along. These are activities that I am making a priority to fully immerse myself in before then. No, they do not even have to be practical. A happy mom makes a contented child – and even though I am sure I will be able to still enjoy some things in moderation I made a pre-baby checklist of what to do before the little one’s life becomes MY life.

I also believe that parenthood is what you make of it. Yes, things will be different – but I don’t plan on losing my close friendships or my identity as a person. I have seen it done both ways and although I am sure it takes extra effort to keep those parts alive they mean a lot to me!


10 Things To Do Before Baby:

  1. Indulgent Self-Care – I am not simply talking about taking extra long, hot showers. I am talking about pampering yourself to the maximum if that is something that you enjoy. Prior to expecting, I was never one to book myself massages and other services often. In fact, my first massage ever was a prenatal one at 3 months pregnant. Suddenly, I could almost think of nothing better to spend my money on! Yes, I went through phases of getting my nails done regularly for a couple of months but even my mani-game has gone up a notch. Never in my life have I felt like I needed it more. You don’t even have to have regular paid services, as that can get expensive really fast. I have also found myself wearing heels more often, dressing up and what – doing my hair? Heck, those of you who know pre-preg Joanna well, know I didn’t even brush it or blow-dry it. Now I spend 45 minutes before work creating beach waves in my extremely thick tresses (although blow-drying is still a no-no). Different things matter to each individual. I have also been taking in fun and interesting exercise classes. More or less, anything you suspect you might not have much time for when you become a mom, and it’s something you want to experience – do it now!
  2. Renovations – I am sure that most home owners can agree that a house is a constant work in progress. Whether it is digging out those thorny shrubs in the front or re-doing the closet there is always something to be done. My husband and I made a little list of all the things we want to do. Some of them possibly won’t be happening anytime soon, but we are putting effort into getting a few out of the way before the new Pop arrives. (Depending on your physical, pregnant-body capabilities there is no shame in getting some help, or hiring someone to complete these tasks).
  3. Time with Friends – As I have mentioned before in this previous post here, I have a handful of really great friends. I do not plan on hibernating, and do want to make an effort to still have some girl’s nights with them! Realistically I know that for the first little while it may be really hard to make many plans when baby is very new. Our “dates” will probably consist of me driving to their couch, or them to mine with young Pop close by. That is precisely why I have not been turning down any plans throughout this entire pregnancy. Yes, in the first trimester it was extremely hard to say yes, when all my body wanted to do was shut down on me and sleep after a full day of work. I do not like to cancel on people when I have committed to things and with time ticking, I have put in efforts to hang out regardless!
  4. Short-Term Goals in Business – Whether it involves more networking or getting involved in a new venture I have put in major energy into keeping things going. I do not know how the work-life balance thing will be once I am a mom, but I am sure I will figure something out. Family is a huge priority for me, so whatever I choose to do, I don’t want my little one to suffer for it. If it means taking a step back for awhile, I will with no hesitation. For now I am going full throttle and plan on doing as much as I can, while I can! This belly has not slowed me down one bit! (Of course, it all must be balanced with one of my other points I have been trying to take into consideration that I will mention a bit later)
  5. Shopping – There, I said it. The past few years I had been really frugal with money when it came to buying things. Yes I would occasionally go out and purchase a luxury item but rarely had I been one to go on shopping sprees (if ever). Since I have been pregnant I have been doing a lot more shopping. I am not talking for baby (in that area I have taken a quite practical approach and have bought very little). I have been spending money on myself! Whether it is a really cute tee, a book I want to read or some home decor, if the price is right I get it! Now, I don’t personally like clutter – so I still don’t just spend money for the sake of buying. It has to be something I really fancy!
  6. Weekend Getaways – These are suuuuuper important! With only 9 weeks left before due date I do not plan on flying anywhere, but have a few weekends booked to just get out of the city, relax and have a good time! Yes we will still have these once we are parents and I know our friends will accommodate – but it will be a much different experience! For now, we can be responsibility- free and up and go whenever we want without worrying about caring for our offspring, or missing them constantly!
  7. Dates – I was hoping to take a few more dates, but we still have time! These are our last moments to just be the two of us and I feel it is great for any couple to take advantage of this before the next exciting chapter in life. It doesn’t have to be fancy – even going out for dessert, or a hike in the woods is nice quality time spent not thinking of anything but each other.
  8. Naps – This is one thing I may really, really miss because when I take them, I love it! It is hard for me to will myself to just lay back and not do anything – but as I have been told many times by mothers who have already been through it, you do not get very much sleep for the first while. I am trying to treat myself to long sleeps – guilt free! In reference to number 4, it is hard for me to balance these two as I always want to do more! That being said, I know taking care of oneself is very important and allowing the body and mind to rest is one crucial way to do so.
  9. Take Pictures – I am sure that soon I will be taking a ton of photos of our baby – but what about life before that? I have been making an effort to snap pics of every day life right now. I have also been taking photos of my growing bump, as this is such a short stage and would be fun to look back on in years to come. It is not completely necessary but I also scheduled a maternity shoot for my husband and I, to capture us at this point in time forever in quality, professionally done shots. This means a lot to me and worth every cent!
  10. Catch Up on Photo Books – In relation to my last point, with most photos being in digital format, it takes a conscious effort to print them off. I like to do a photo book every so often, filled with all the special things we have been up to. This is something I really need to get started on asap as I have about two years to cover. As there might not be time to sort through your vacay pics when the babe comes along it might be a good idea to do that now! Then you will be all caught up and ready to begin creating photo books of him or her!

**Photos not my mine, credit to original sources:

Patio Shot – Matt Pearson

Spa Shot – Temple Lodge and Spa



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