top beach essentials

Top Beach Essentials

We are full tilt into summer and if you are like me, you really savor the few short months of beach weather we have in Canada. Here are a few of my favourite essential items to enrich your experience (to pack, or on my wish list!)

1. Sun Block (of course)! There are varying degrees of SPF which stands for “Sun Protection Factor.” The number refers to how many times longer it will protect you before you start to burn. I have heard it is important to reapply regardless, as even if it is water and sweat proof it often will still wear off throughout the day.

2. Round Beach Towel – these are amazing. I have yet to buy one but found a really beautiful one on Etsy here. My friend Jess brings hers to the beach and it’s both functional and stylish.

3. Aloe Vera is a must for when you do happen to get a bit more rosy than expected. It is both soothing and healing. I have also heard good things about Hawaiian Noni cream. My friend discovered it while vacationing there (made from their local Noni fruit) – I encourage you to look up some of its health benefits!

4. A hat is another essential as it protects you from the heat and more of the sun’s rays. It also happens to be a very hot accessory – take a peek at this one!

5. A portable cooler is always a good idea. Then you can prepack fresh fruits and other snacks without the fear of them spoiling or melting. I have a really nice collapsible one made of lightweight, insulating material that isn’t awkward or heavy to lug around.

6. Your favourite book – the last time I was there I read this one (maybe not appropriate for all stages of life) but I highly recommend it for pregnant ladies. It is written by one of the top midwives in the U.S.

7. Water bottle – a must! You want to stay hydrated. I love the stainless steel double-walled kind, they keep your water ice cold for hours. A popular brand is Swell, but you can find similar styles that do the same job for less if you really hunt around. If you are in Canada, try your local Winners, Marshalls or Homesense! If you have room in your cooler you can also pack some extra water in there as well.

8. Portable speakers – bring something with Bluetooth that can connect to a playlist on your phone or iPad. To be completely honest I actually prefer not playing music, unless the group beside you has a particularly loud and distracting conversation that you would rather not listen to! Playing some fun tracks does add a nice summery, fun vibe nonetheless.

I would love to hear about your favourite beach essentials – email me or leave your comments below!

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