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The Bite Beauty Lip Lab – Get a Shade of Lipstick Created Just for You

This past weekend, two of my friends and I went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab on Queen Street West (Toronto location) to get a lipstick (or two) created on the spot.

I was already familiar with the brand – founded in Toronto and sold in Sephora, made of natural, food-grade ingredients. Knowing that I already loved the performance and quality of their other products, I could not wait to get my hands on my very own customized lipstick made just for me.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Flagship Store

J and M opted for blush/nude shades, getting a few various tones mixed together at just the right ratio to create one that flattered their individual complexions. Nudes are the hardest to create as you do not want to look like you are wearing foundation on your lips but also do not want it too pink!

Bite Lip Lab Bespoke Lipstick Colours

There was so much to choose from – thankfully I knew what I wanted and requested a match to a previous favourite lipstick I have owned but have now run out of (Snob, by Mac). Yes, I suppose I could have just gone and purchased another Snob, but I really adore the ingredients that go into the bite products! The first attempt at the match to my lipstick ended up a dusty pink that M adored, so she purchased that too. As a side note, the guy who made our lipsticks was a colour genius!

I ended up leaving with something created exactly to my specifications. I also need to mention that you can choose to flavour it with essential oils – I could not resist the lime! As for the sheen, I picked the satin finish, it being a toss-up for me between that and the matte.

Bite Lip Lab Customized Swatch

The entire process took a little over an hour total (for all three of us to get a tone we loved) but varies depending on your decisiveness. J also purchased a gorgeous orange-red that looks absolutely amazing on her!

Bite Lip Lab Toronto - Our Lipsticks

Overall, this was a super fun experience that left me feeling pampered and pumped to have a new fave for my makeup wardrobe. I keep forgetting that it smells as yummy as a Lip Smacker, and every time I open it up it’s a lovely little surprise.

My Bespoke Lipstick

You can book your own appointment at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Toronto here. There are also locations in both New York and San Francisco. It is good to make an appointment at least a couple of weeks in advance, as they fill up fast!

If you aren’t looking for something custom and want to purchase something from their gorgeous line of products that are ready-made, visit your local Sephora store or shop the collection online.

I would love to hear about your experience at one of the Bite Lip Lab locations! If you go, or have gone in the past I would love to see the colours you created!


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