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Guest Room Refresh with Tropical Vibes

Any homeowner can agree that a house is an on-going project. Having lived at our current address just over 3 years it was about time I finally made the guest room into a space for more than just folding laundry!

tropical guest room

I wanted it to have an airy, tropical vibe – the inspiration was always there but I was even more inspired upon purchasing an original piece of art depicting a banana tree. Everything else just seemed to fall into place!


I found this really cute vase from CB2 in which I planted a Snake Plant (excellent natural air purifier). I suppose the texture of the piece kind of lends itself to looking a bit pineapple ish? Also tropical!

tropical guest room

I am also obsessed with things that are woven that include fringe and tassels. Can you tell? I wanted this space to feel like a vacation – so my guests could kick back and relax in their home away from home. With a new baby on the way I want to encourage all the help I can get to stick around my place awhile (wink wink)!

What do you think of my guest room refresh? Email me or message in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts, or if you have done something similar!



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