Milk Snob Signature Stripe

Milk Snob Signature Stripe Cover Giveaway

Today I have partnered with Milk Snob to give one very lucky reader a chance to win one of their own Black & White Signature Striped covers! Let’s just say for such a simple invention it is one of my favourite mommy essentials!

I adore its versatility as it can be used as:

A cover for your car seat while out in public. Yes please. As a new mom, taking my 3 day old baby to the doctor’s office for the first time had me a little on edge. I know second and third time moms will probably insist I was being too careful but hey, let me live out my first time mommy germophobia on my own! All I could think of was all the sick people sitting around me in the waiting room – so we were thankful we had our Milk Snob cover over top of his seat to shield him from any unwanted coughs that may have flown around the room.

It is also great when you want to take a leisurely stroll in the mall or a park, as I am a big fan of giving my little guy his privacy. Yes it’s nice to have people stop and ask questions occasionally but for the most part it’s great to walk around uninterrupted. It blocks out some of the elements as well if the weather is moderate.

I am not quite there yet as I have a newborn, but it is suggested to be used as a cover for a shopping cart seat when you have a toddler – as those are quite germy as well!

Milk Snob Cover

It is easily transportable.

It can be slipped into your diaper bag without taking up much room, or worn around your neck as a stylish scarf until further use.

Milk Snob Nursing Cover

A cover for feeding.

It can transition into being a shawl to cover you for feeds on the go!


GIVEAWAY – There are 2 ways to enter for YOUR chance to win!

Email me the word “Milk” to

For another entry – like my giveaway post on Instagram and comment why you think you would benefit from having one! (be sure to mention your Instagram name in the email you send if you choose to enter both ways, so that I can verify!) My Instagram is @joannapopillustration

The winner will be selected this Friday at 8 pm EST. and I will privately contact the individual shortly thereafter for their shipping information. Giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the U.S. only.

Thank you to all who enter – best of luck mamas!



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