Lily-Jade Madeline in Brandy

Stylish Diaper Bags for Busy Mamas

When I started shopping for baby gear I had it in mind to splurge on two items – a stroller and diaper bag. I was more than willing to purchase second-hand baby clothes and save money on other items but I figured that these two essentials in particular needed to have excellent quality, functionality and style.

I ended up choosing a Lily-Jade bag; their Madeline style in the Brandy colour. Today I dish on what I love about it, a few must-have items I keep in it, and have asked a few other stylish mommies I know to share theirs!


Lily-Jade Madeline Diaper Bag 


Who: Yours Truly – Joanna Pop

Blog: This one

Instagram: @joannapopillustration

Once I was pregnant, an entirely new shopping world was opened up to me – that of mommy brands and gadgets! I would get recommendations from other moms, read reviews and scour Instagram for items that intrigued me and were practical. Lily-Jade is no exception! I love that my bag is made of full-grain leather, is neutral on the outside with a removable, washable lining (in my favourite colour!) on the inside. The removable lining makes it that you can drop your little one off at the grandparents, leave them with the essentials and then take the rest of the bag with you as a tote for a date night! I love the fact that once I no longer need a baby bag it could double as a purse for work as it perfectly fits a laptop.

I am still learning what kinds of items are handy to take with and what to simply leave at home. Some of my must-haves when on the go are of course diapers, wipes, cream and a change of clothes for baby! I also find it super handy to bring along some pre-pumped breast milk and a clean bottle as I am not always in the mood to be nursing in public (just personal preference, it really depends who I’m with). I have been taking an alternate shirt for me as well after an incident at the doctor’s office where little J spray painted my husband’s t-shirt. There is also a zip pocket right at the front of the bag where I keep my cards for easy access!

The Madeline, like all of their other bags can be worn multiple ways. It can be sported as a tote, cross-body or backpack. Hands down my favourite way to wear it is as a backpack! Not only is it stylish but it leaves my hands free and doesn’t hurt my shoulders. Overall I am super happy with my choice and find it hard not to be tempted to purchase another!


Skip Hop Forma Diaper Bag

Who: Elaine Atkins

Blog: Elaine Loves

Instagram: @elainelovesblog

In my year as a mom to T I’ve tried many different diaper bags but I keep coming back to the Skip Hop Forma Diaper Bag Skip Hop Forma Diaper Bag.

Why do I love it so much? First off, it’s a backpack – which means I can carry it and still have my hands free. I have enough to juggle on a daily basis! It also has stroller straps. I like being able to hang my diaper bag on the handle of my stroller for quick access to water, snacks and wipes. Another plus about this bag is that it has wide openings and many pockets but not TOO many. I’ve used other diaper bags that have had a “million” pockets – while it seems like a good idea initially it got quite frustrating trying to find items in a hurry! Another bonus of this bag is the bright coloured lining. The items I’m looking for are more visible against a contrasting lining so I don’t waste anytime searching for what I need. This is key to preventing baby melt downs!


Skip Hop Chelsea Diaper Bag
Skip Hop diaper bag

Skip Hop Diaper Bag flat lay

Who: Ina Petz

Blog: Oh La Femme
Instagram: @ohlafemmeblog

This diaper bag really doesn’t compromise style when you’re looking for functionality. With five pockets on the outside, four on the inside, plus two zipper compartments, you really have a place for everything- not to mention the changing pad it comes with! I like to have everything within my reach, and having an organized bag was really important to me.

If I’m making a quick run, I like to throw my wallet in the zipper compartment instead of bringing my own purse, and place my coffee in one of the side pockets. I’ve been using this bag for about five months and it still has a good structure, and surprisingly the light color has maintained well. It is a very large bag (comparable to a large tote bag) and personally, I would prefer if it was a tad smaller so it would pass for a handbag. The colour I have is no longer available but this season you can purchase it in burgundy, matte black or charcoal.


Well mamas, that’s our take on a few diaper bags that really make the cut for both convenience and style! What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.





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