5 Ways My Life Has Changed Since Having a Baby

Many of you who read my blogs every week know that I waited awhile (married 6 years) prior to having a wee bebe. The reason for this is that I wanted to accomplish and experience some personal milestones and goals first in order to be fully present with no regrets when my little one came along. It also really helped to have a tight-knit group of friends, many of which did not/do not have children. Yes, we really spoiled ourselves I must say and it was AMAZING! I remember last summer, eating chocolate strawberries with my friend, while planning our next vacation. We knew our time would come, but those moments were so worth it.

Here I am on the other side! I have a young son with a huge appetite and an extremely powerful set of lungs and I love him to bits. I do believe I can still have those indulgent times (I make an effort to do something for myself every week) but for now the majority of my energy is put towards baby J. Here are some ways my life has changed since he’s come along!

PinkBlush life
  1.  No sleep. Well this one is a no-brainer! I get what I can three hours at a time.
  2.  Leaving the house alone is a really special event.  At this point leaving the house alone is super special and kind of strange! I take any excuse I can get for a change of scenery. “Hey, I think we are out of paper towel, I’m popping over to the grocery store.” It gives me a chance to regroup, get some air and be back in time for another diaper change and feed.
  3.  I love him SO much. I loved him in my belly and the first time I set eyes on him after he was born my heart was full.
  4.  I have my own birth story.  Throughout my 9 months of pregnancy I got to hear many women’s stories that they would share with me about delivering their children. I couldn’t wait to have my own and looked forward to the challenge that lie ahead. I had a birth plan, and although I completely agree it’s good to be flexible and be ready to not follow it (which I was) I am thankful that everything worked in my favour and I was able to stick to exactly what I wanted. I prayed a lot about it in the months leading up to it and God granted me my requests and I am so grateful.
  5. Folding the laundry just isn’t as important anymore. I used to stress myself out about housework not being done! Now it is quite a bit lower on my priority list and although my house is clean, I can’t say it is always tidy or perfectly organized and frankly, I no longer care!

On the fashion side of things,  I partnered with PinkBlush throughout my pregnancy and I was sent many beautiful maternity outfits. I am glad to say that their clothes transition perfectly into motherhood, so if you are looking for cute maternity clothes that work well afterwards I highly recommend. I love this navy blue top I got from them as it is flowy and a little bit sexy as!

For all you fellow mamas out there – what are some major ways your life changed after kids? For those of you who aren’t parents – what would be the hardest thing to let go of?

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