BarkBox Reveal: Show Your Dog BFF Some Love!

I have been a fur mom to my precious 6 lb Yorkie (Bandit) for 6 years now! Even with the big transition my life has gone through lately I still consider him my eldest “child” and my husband and I make a huge effort to not let him feel left out or forgotten as we scramble around tending to our 3-month-old baby’s needs.

When I got the opportunity to partner with BarkBox I was over the moon – and today was filled with pure joy when the box appeared on our doorstep,  just in time for the holidays. Your canine needs some spoiling too!

BarkBox Reveal

I needed Bandit to be a part of the unboxing, as I wanted to see his reaction to all of the scents of snacks and toys. Would they pass the test?

BarkBox Yorkie

His curiosity mounted as I peeled back the paper. The neat thing is that they customize the box based on the size/breed of your dog etc. As well, they try to cater toward your dog’s dietary restrictions (if any) as they needed to know if Bandit had any allergies.

Dog ToysHe is more than a little obsessed with the hedgehog toy he received. He actually has a history with hedgehog stuffies which I won’t get into! He was running around the house with it as soon as I cut the tags off. In addition, I  love the little rope toy he got from their PupState Orchards theme. Those boots remind me a lot of something I would wear!

Dog TreatsThe dog treats included were a hit! I let him sample them both. One was a bag of tender beef jerky sticks free of any additives like wheat, corn, soy or gluten. The other was a bag of Turkey and Cranberry Poppers that smell delicious. He seemed to love each of them! There was a rawhide elk chew thrown in which I will give him as a treat to gnaw on shortly (under my supervision)!

Included in my box was a recipe for homemade dog treats which I cannot wait to bake!

You can order your very own BarkBox for your furry friend here! I love subscription boxes and this one is definitely a win in both our books. They arrive every month as a nice surprise for you and your best friend.

What do you think? Are you looking to treat your family canine to something special this season? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Reply Ina Petz December 20, 2017 at 4:38 am

    Oh my goodness! The pictures are absolutely adorable! What a doggy must-have! 🙂

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