My Hair Secrets Revealed

Happy New Year Beauties! Have you made any resolutions for 2018? I tend to make them all throughout the seasons along with stating a couple in January because why not?

In light of this fresh year I thought I would share a few tidbits about something that I get a lot of comments about! The title of this post gives it away – need I say more? Let’s talk hair!

I am going to start from the very beginning. About a month ago I was approached by a company looking to collaborate with me on a post featuring their hair extensions. At first I was interested, but once I received details I was really turned away from it. They wanted to pay me to write about their hair but it did not sound like I would be wearing or testing them out. With all due respect to the company (and I am not going to mention names, but it was not one I had heard of before) not knowing the product is a complete no-no, paid or not. Then it occurred to me that many have commented in the past that my tresses look like I am wearing extensions. I am assuming that may be what drew this company to me? Needless to say I declined the partnership BUT in doing so was thus inspired to share some of my real hair care secrets!

blonde ale

Shampoo Routine

The most important thing to remember is that less is more! On average I only wash my hair once a week. Usually during the winter months it gets oily faster (5 days) but during the warmer seasons I often go a full week. I don’t have any set rules for this, I just wait until it starts to feel like it needs some tending to. Sound impossible? It really isn’t! The majority of shampoos are made with harsh, drying ingredients that strip your scalp of its natural oils. In order to compensate for this loss your body then produces more of it. In turn, you need to shampoo more often and it’s a vicious cycle. For the longest time I wasn’t using any kind of special shampoo but most recently purchased drybar’s Blonde Ale product because I had heard good things about it and figured it could help prevent brassiness. Prior to this, I must admit there was not much change in the tone of the blonde at all anyway because with less washing my hair keeps it’s ashy tone longer.

If you cut back slowly – you may start to find you need to wash your hair less and less. You save a whole lot of money and time. Results of course, may vary!

Heat Styling

I also rarely use heat styling tools. When I give myself loose beach waves I do it once between washes. Then I just leave it as is until the next wash. I suppose my hair does hold curl well, so aside from the occasional touch-up there is no need for me to do my hair every day (not that I would even if that was necessary). I am extremely lazy with my hair and always have been! There are benefits to this lack of effort – healthy locks with less split ends. Sometimes creating a curl a little tighter than it needs to be, and sleeping on it really flattens it out to the perfect wavy look. I often like it a lot more the following day than when it is fresh. I also only blow-dry my hair a couple of times per year. With my hair so incredibly thick it takes approximately 45 minutes straight of brushing and drying under heat. Not only is it a waste of time but it gives me a headache. Instead I simply towel dry, then wrap it in a towel for the rest of the night. I almost never wash my hair in the morning because that would leave me with wet hair for a few hours if I need to go out somewhere. At this point I am never in the mood for it to freeze into ice, or to wear a towel around it to the mall!


I never use styling products in my hair unless I am going somewhere fancy and have an actual up-do. The only products I enjoy are leave-in conditioners and dry shampoo in the winter months. Once in awhile I like to do a  mask because with the blonde I am finding my hair is a lot more brittle than it naturally is and I want to prevent any breakage or tangling. I compare the texture to that of  plastic Barbie hair.

Hair Appointments

I get my hair cut 1-2 times a year, mostly for comfort. You see, there are pros and cons to every hair type! Yes it is lovely to have shiny, thick, resilient hair but what many people do not know is that once it gets to a certain length I actually get headaches! Yes, I know the saying, “beauty is pain” – but in this case it is entirely unreasonable and I can think of nothing more amazing than a nice trim to lighten the load!  Lately I have been loving having no layers throughout (only face framing) and getting it chopped blunt in a straight line. It makes it easy to style when I want waves, and looks healthy and clean when I straighten it. I also like how ponytails do not have all sorts of different lengths poking every direction.


Eating a balanced diet and/or taking a multivitamin is something that try to do as much as I can. My hair grows extremely fast, so while I cannot prove that diet is the reason why, it definitely can only serve to benefit you!

That’s about all I have to say about it.  I honestly believe that less work in the long run is far better for your hair! Heat, shampoo and styling products only serve to dry and damage it. We were made fairly sustainable creatures, trust what your body can do! Is weaning off the shampoo and products in your hair future? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Reply Maria January 2, 2018 at 6:25 am

    Thanks for the tips! I thought I was really cutting back by washing every 3 days, and you inspired me to go even longer between washings a few months ago and it has made a HUGE difference!

  2. Reply Rebecca January 6, 2018 at 8:25 pm

    Your hair is gorgeous! Love these tips and the inspiration for writing this post.

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