Redecorating Our Living Room!

Being on Mat Leave has given me time to analyze all the things I want changed in our house. Before having J, we had redone quite a bit already but there were a couple of areas still left untouched from how the previous owners left it. Although we had painted our living room light gray from a Cadbury Milk Chocolate colour (which is great for many things but not on walls!) we had yet to take down the damask wallpaper. Along with this, some of the furniture in the room we have had for years prior to moving to this house and it simply did not work well with the room. I also love any excuse to redecorate an old, cluttered space.

essential oils

Before I get too far ahead of myself I wanted to mention that I love diffusing Young Living Essential Oils in this space. They release natural, light scents into the air along with being energizing or calming depending on the oil you use. Some of my favourites are the Tangerine, Pine and of course,  the Gentle Baby blend which seems to help J sleep! I tend to like to release the oils into the air vs. applying them topically diluted with a carrier oil or ingesting them. You also have to be very careful what you do with which oil and definitely look into the ones that are safe for baby! I heard Tangerine was a good immune booster and Pine was good for the respiratory system. Sometimes I blend the two together for a fresh, clean, sharp smell!

living room

Believe it or not, even with all of the windows, prior to us changing the colour scheme of this room it was very dark and gloomy! I wanted to create a cheerful space for me and my family. Here is a shot taken from the other side of the room. As you can see it isn’t a large space but the open concept layout makes it feel much more airy.

Our couches are very classic with the club style arms so I wanted to contrast them with a modern tv unit and style the Billy bookcase very minimally. I wanted furniture that covered our outlets as well, so that when J starts moving around the cords will be hidden! We also have a pet rabbit and it’s nice to no longer worry about him chewing on cords when he runs about.

house plant

What is a room without a nice, healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig? You may have seen this guy often in my Instafeed. I tend to like to move him around a lot!

living room Billy Bookcase

It is still a work in progress but I very much enjoy styling my white bookcase. On the bottom two shelves the items are place holders (I wouldn’t normally put a car on it) but I know I will be removing them shortly once J starts exploring! I want to hang the lavender on my wall at some point once I find a spot.

Mae Woven

My good friend and Travel Blogger, Jess first bought mudcloth pillow covers from Mae Woven and I simply had to get my own! I loved the simplicity of the black and white and the whimsical hand-painted lines.


Without further ado I will bless you all with the BEFORE pic:


The only thing cute about that wallpaper is the dog in front of it! The outlets were also spaced so far apart that our fireplace/tv unit did not cover them, making for an unsightly tangled mess!


Then the AFTER:


I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of my living room! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you like what you read – please support and subscribe! There are many other house projects that I’m slowly tackling while being home with baby. Check out some more that I have been working on here. I would also love to hear about any redecorating missions you have on the go!

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  1. Reply Heather @ The Pennywise Playbook February 12, 2018 at 10:47 pm

    WOW Joanna! What a transformation! I am always floored by what a difference a coat of paint can make. It’s probably the most bang for your buck in terms of redecorating. I love the modern, airy feel you’ve gone for! Gorgeous work.

  2. Reply Jessica February 14, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    Wow, its crazy what a little re-decorating can do to change a room completely! It looks AMAZING Jo, love it! xoxoxo

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