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Essential Oils + Unique Ways to Use Them in Your Everyday Life

Hi gorgeous! Today I am going to write my long awaited post on Essential Oils. If you don’t know already, Essential Oils are either steam distilled or cold pressed from a plant or fruit. They are very potent and deliver the benefits of their sources in concentrated form. It is very important to do your research prior to use but when used properly, many of them offer both emotional and physical benefits. Some oils can safely be applied topically, while others are too strong and could cause irritation.

I do not claim to be a EO guru by any means and still learn new things daily about their various uses. What I can say is that I was very skeptical of their effectiveness at first, but now have had some experiences that showed me how they can aid in overall wellness!

Essential Oils

I choose to use Young Living’s oils because I like their Seed to Seal Quality Commitment ensuring that you get the purest and most effective product possible. Pictured above are just a handful of my favourites!

My friend Maya, who is an avid YL oil user shared with me some creative tips on using your oils to assist in your overall health and wellbeing:

1. Mix a few drops of essential oil with some coconut or olive oil in your hand and apply to wrists, behind the ears and bottoms of feet to apply oil topically – this is great for immune boosting oils like thieves. I always do this at night before bed
2. Mix 4-6 drops of oil with epsom salts for a bath (should not put oils directly in bath water or the essential oil will simply float on the bath water)
3. Add a drop of an invigorating oil, like peppermint or rosemary, to your shampoo for hair growth (do not get in eyes when rinsing)
3. Add a drop of frankinsense or another good skin oil (lemon is nice) to face cream at night. I mix this with my shea butter
4. Put 1-2 drops of oil on your pillow at night or before a nap! Lavendar is heavenly for this 
5. Add a drop to a lightbulb to diffuse the smell in the room 
6. Mix a bit of essential oils with your facemask 
7. Make your own natural cleaner – mix 1 cup water, 1 cup vinegar, and 12 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle – lemon or thieves work very well for this. I think pine and lemon would be nice too. 
8. Put a drop of essential oil into your water when mopping to make your house smell extra clean
Young Living Essential Oils

Most recently my son got a virus that left him coughing for a week. Since he is a baby, he coughed in my face, and often had his little hands grabbing my mouth or nose. I kept anticipating the onset of symptoms as I figured there was no way I was getting away with not getting sick! I have heard that colds are one thing, but there is not much one can do to have an immunity to many of the viruses out there – correct me if I am wrong! Regardless of my doubts, every night I applied the Thieves blend to the bottom of my feet mixed with a carrier oil. (Note: I use either Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Coconut Oil as a carrier oil which is a substance used to dilute the potency of the essential oil before applying topically) I only use a drop of the actual EO.

I was so thrilled when days passed and I did not get sick. My baby has now made a full recovery and mama is feeling great also! Thieves is also perfect to diffuse to help relieve symptoms of colds and coughs.

Fun Fact: This concoction of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Ecalyptus, Radiata and Rosemary stems from the story of a band of thieves in the 15th century trying to protect themselves from the bubonic plague, who robbed infected bodies of their posessions and never contracted it themselves! Maybe rat fleas don’t like the scent of it?

Diffusing Essential Oils

A popular way to use Essential Oils is to diffuse them. I gravitate towards refreshing, uplifting scents like Pine or Tangerine. Tangerine is suggested for boosting immunity. I often mix the two – usually about 3 drops of each combined with filling my diffuser to the fill line. Both are said to be safe to diffuse around a baby. Everyone has a different comfort level, I have chosen not to apply them topically to baby J and only diffuse but heard many great things about particular oils and babies when applied sparingly to their skin. Be aware that some oils should not be used on or around a baby at all! Cinnamon Bark is a BIG no no.

Young Living Gentle Baby Essential Oil

I love the Gentle Baby blend from YL as it contains German Chamomile and is very relaxing – a good one for while you sleep! Most recently I also have been diffusing Lavender and another YL oil blend called Stress Away which contains Lime and is a sweet, interesting scent. Pictured in this post (two photos above this paragraph) is my nebulizer from Saje which looks lovely in my living room. It does not diffuse as much scent as my Young Living Dewdrop Diffuser, which I adore and keep on my nightstand! I highly recommend it.

Young Living


Valor is a blend of Black Spruce, Blue Tansy and Frankincense. It is both woodsy and uplifting and said to be great for massages, although I simply diffuse it to add a positive, fresh scent to my living area.

The newest oil I have added to my collection is Basil. This has a purely practical use for me, even though it doesn’t smell half bad! I did some research and found that it can increase lactation for nursing mothers. I had been trying everything – from using my pump, to drinking herbal teas containing Blessed Thistle and an array of other herbs. Nothing, seemed to be working! Then I applied the Basil topically and the following day had more milk than I had had in nearly two months! I had all but dried up prior, after getting ill in early January. Fennel is also good for this but shouldn’t be used longer than 10 days in a row as it effects the urinary tract. This was the main reason I opted for Basil instead as it can be used indefinitely.

An oil I do not have, but have heard can either assist in lactation, or decrease it (since I do not want to risk the latter I stayed away from this oil) is Clary Sage. I have heard women also use it when they are trying to concieve, or to balance their hormones.

I have been enjoying this journey of dicovering Essential Oils and their various uses! As with most things, I believe in moderation, using them sparingly and appreciating their natural benefits!

Check out Young Living’s full collection of Essential Oils here. For more info, follow @mamaswellnessguide on Instagram and DM her, she was one of the individuals who first introduced me to YL oils and has a wealth of information! She also showed me how I could become a Young Living member and get my oils for their wholesale price. I knew I would be buying quite a few and there is no cost for a membership so I figured why not?

I would love to hear if this post was helpful to you – or what oils you like to use and why! Leave me a comment below.

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