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Lily-Jade Madeline in Brandy

Stylish Diaper Bags for Busy Mamas

When I started shopping for baby gear I had it in mind to splurge on two items – a stroller and diaper bag. I was more than willing to purchase second-hand baby clothes and save money on other items but I figured that these two essentials in particular needed to have excellent quality, functionality and style. I ended up choosing a Lily-Jade bag; their Madeline style in the Brandy colour. Today I dish on what

My Botanical Baby Room Reveal

Amidst everything else going on I managed to finish our baby room with plenty of time to spare. It is now one of my favourite spaces in the house! When it comes to decor in general I am not overly feminine. I love my neutrals…and plants. I love plants. Prior to beginning decorating, the room was my office. After realizing life was about to change drastically we moved my desk to a different area of

Milk Snob Signature Stripe

Milk Snob Signature Stripe Cover Giveaway

Today I have partnered with Milk Snob to give one very lucky reader a chance to win one of their own Black & White Signature Striped covers! Let’s just say for such a simple invention it is one of my favourite mommy essentials! I adore its versatility as it can be used as: A cover for your car seat while out in public. Yes please. As a new mom, taking my 3 day old baby

Hand & Stone Spa College St. Toronto

Pampering for Our Mini Babymoon at Hand & Stone Spa College St.

A couple of weekends ago my husband and I decided to head to Toronto for the day to enjoy a bit of time together before our new family member enters our lives. We kind of missed the whole babymoon getaway train – and personally with how uncomfortable my belly is these days I am more than happy to sleep in my own bed at night as opposed to a hotel, no matter how luxurious. We

maternity shoot

Bohemian Style Maternity Shoot by Ema Suvajac

It took me 29 years to finally feel like I was at a place in my life to want to pour everything into a little human being who needed me for everything. I had checklist after checklist that I would complete – each and every time telling myself “when this one is done then I will want a baby.” Each time a list would end I would simply create another. If there is one thing

summer patio

My 10 “Self-Love” Priorities This Summer

As my due date gets closer and I look forward to meeting the little Pop – I often think of how life is about to change forever. I cannot wait for this next phase, and am fully ready to pour my time, energy and love into a little human that needs me! Some things, I realize I may not have as much time for when baby comes along. These are activities that I am making

Baby Box Bassinet

Baby Box Bassinets + How to Get Your Own

Baby Box Bassinets may be a newer concept on this side of the globe, but have been used consistently in Finland for the past 75 years. They are said to be the country to have the lowest infant mortality rate in the world due to these little boxes which offer safe sleeping arrangements (lowering the risk of SIDS) for their little ones. Being naturally drawn to simplicity, minimalism, and not to mention safety – I

blue maxi wrap dress

Summer Hues – I Love Blues!

Most of my life I have gravitated toward blues and greens. Even when I was a little girl my go-to Crayola crayon that I would use up while leaving the others untouched was “Jungle Green.” I attribute it partly to me being a huge lover of nature! I was that girl, out in the rain collecting earth worms as pets. I remember creating an entire bucket of them, filled with mud and water because that

bio oil

Tips to Help Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

I never thought I would hear so much talk about stretch marks until I announced I was expecting. At 27 weeks I still have zero (yay) and although some of it can come down to your skin’s natural elasticity there are things I have heard that you can do to increase/maintain it on your own. Bio Oil is one widely talked about product for stretch marks! I had already been using this product prior to being

PinkBlush Maternity Maxi Dress

Pineapple Hair – Don’t Care in My Super Comfortable Maxi Dress

Do you ever have those days when you really don’t feel like doing anything with your hair that takes longer than 10 seconds? That’s me, nearly every morning! My go-to look when my hair is super long is the pineapple bun. I gather an elastic around it as if I am going to make a pony tail but instead do not bring my hair the full way through. Then I pull the sides of the