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Fawn Design Mini Diaper Bag in Gray

Downsizing with My Fawn Design Mini Diaper Bag!

Every mom has her own style of parenting. For me – I would rather stress less and not sweat the small stuff than be on top of everything! For some mothers that may be a horrifying thought and to others it could sound deeply refreshing! I guess you could say I am this strange combination of both A and B type personalities. I like to get things done ASAP and be prepared, but I don’t like

My Nested Bean Sleep Sack GIVEAWAY!

Hi mamas with little ones! There are a select few of you who have babies that have always slept peacefully for hours through the night. I am incredibly happy for you. Motherhood is no piece of cake for anyone! Then there is the rest of us *cough* myself included! Let me tell you – there is hope to sleep again. I am finding that sometimes it is the simplest fix (and other times there is no fix

Books for Moms

Childbirth + Baby Books That Every Mama (or Mom-to-Be) Needs to Read!

When I found out I was pregnant I initially went online and googled everything! After a few weeks of way too much information floating around in my head I decided that was it! I didn’t want to think about anything anymore and just followed my instincts instead! There were so many conflicting pieces of information on what you should do and shouldn’t anyhow. So I ate a balanced diet, exercised regularly and stayed as stress-free


Favorite Mama Swag

Hello Beauties! Today I thought I would chat about some of my favorite mama swag today! 1. Twistshake I was approached by the Swedish company, Twistshake (see above) to try out my choice of one of their products. I absolutely adore their cute baby bottles and sippy cups in the sweetest pastel colours. I have my eye on a beige one! J loves his 180 ml bottle in baby blue. It is BPA free and

Teepee Tent Baby

Baby Playroom Reveal: One That Will Grow With J

Last week I was working on a little project – creating a fun space for me and baby J to spend time in through the winter ahead and beyond. I am a huge nature lover so it goes without saying that I wanted to bring the outdoors in as much as possible! I gathered some plants into one of the biggest and brightest rooms of our house. My home studio is at the opposite end

Why I Chose to Keep My Baby’s Photos Off of the Internet

As I mom I enjoy reading posts of mommy life and in moderation I love scrolling through the photos of other moms I follow to see how their babies have grown/are growing. I enjoy the real, gritty photos along with the bright, airy, staged and edited ones! Pre-baby I came to the decision that I did not want to post photos of my little one on the internet – is that strange? I did not

My Favourite All Natural Products for Baby J

It’s no secret that the whole natural product scene has grown in popularity in the past few years and become much more mainstream. It seems like every company nowadays has a “clean” line or makes claims on their products being pure and straight from the earth. One thing I have often found frustrating is once I read the ingredients on the labels I come across chemicals I do not recognize and cannot pronounce! If I


5 Ways My Life Has Changed Since Having a Baby

Many of you who read my blogs every week know that I waited awhile (married 6 years) prior to having a wee bebe. The reason for this is that I wanted to accomplish and experience some personal milestones and goals first in order to be fully present with no regrets when my little one came along. It also really helped to have a tight-knit group of friends, many of which did not/do not have children.

Lily-Jade Madeline in Brandy

Stylish Diaper Bags for Busy Mamas

When I started shopping for baby gear I had it in mind to splurge on two items – a stroller and diaper bag. I was more than willing to purchase second-hand baby clothes and save money on other items but I figured that these two essentials in particular needed to have excellent quality, functionality and style. I ended up choosing a Lily-Jade bag; their Madeline style in the Brandy colour. Today I dish on what

My Botanical Baby Room Reveal

Amidst everything else going on I managed to finish our baby room with plenty of time to spare. It is now one of my favourite spaces in the house! When it comes to decor in general I am not overly feminine. I love my neutrals…and plants. I love plants. Prior to beginning decorating, the room was my office. After realizing life was about to change drastically we moved my desk to a different area of