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My Botanical Baby Room Reveal

Amidst everything else going on I managed to finish our baby room with plenty of time to spare. It is now one of my favourite spaces in the house! When it comes to decor in general I am not overly feminine. I love my neutrals…and plants. I love plants. Prior to beginning decorating, the room was my office. After realizing life was about to change drastically we moved my desk to a different area of

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Guest Room Refresh with Tropical Vibes

Any homeowner can agree that a house is an on-going project. Having lived at our current address just over 3 years it was about time I finally made the guest room into a space for more than just folding laundry! I wanted it to have an airy, tropical vibe – the inspiration was always there but I was even more inspired upon purchasing an original piece of art depicting a banana tree. Everything else just

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5 Tips to Make Your Home Calm and Inviting

The house you live in should also be a home, in my opinion. Having lived in our place for just over three years we have slowly made it our own a little bit at a time. Here are a few tips I have learned along the way to create a calm and inviting atmosphere in your humble abode! Get Rid of Clutter Clutter equals chaos, which is the opposite of a peaceful vibe. You do


Spring 2017 in Review: Brand, Blog and Personal Update Post

With summer having officially begun I wanted to share with you an update on this past spring! A lot has been going on with my brand and if you haven’t seen the posts already – my belly! First of all, I want to state exactly which direction my business and blog are going. You may be seeing a few pregnancy-related posts lately. I have carefully chosen to include things in keeping with what many of

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Home Studio Refresh

Today I am sharing my home studio refresh! My desk has officially been moved from a light aqua blue room to a much larger space in our house. A lot of changes have been happening and I am excited for this new venture. I added a rack of some favourite outfits along with an abstract painting done by yours truly a few years back. I think this pairs well with my black, white and blush

Home Decor Inspiration – My Family Room Refresh!

One of the sunniest rooms in our house is a room I have aptly nicknamed our “Yoga Room” due to it being furnished with not much more than a chair, a few sticks in a vase and a yoga mat. I love this space as it is bright, airy and can be anything I make it to be. I have used it for more than one professional photo shoot (one photographer brought her large backdrop

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This Weekend’s Surprise Birthday Party

My cousin J came up with the brilliant idea of throwing her sister-in-law (my cousin-in-law) a surprise 30th birthday party. Her, along with myself and our other cousin M (yes I have a lot of amazing cousin-friends in my family) got together and pooled resources! The family all gave money and we purchased a gorgeous Tory Burch bag as a gift. Along with this we decorated, cooked and created the perfect, laid back afternoon complete

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Home Sweet Home: My Minimalist Bedroom Sneak Peek

My home has been shaping up in the past couple of years to be more of a reflection of my husband and I. When we first moved in 2014, the previous owners had left it a medium chocolate brown (think of a Caramilk bar). I am never one to gravitate towards that shade when it comes to decorating so needless to say I could not wait until I could find the time to make our

Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Picks

With the holidays approaching, many of us are scrambling for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Here is a Holiday Gift Guide to my personal Top 5 Picks this season! Jo Malone Fragrances Whether it’s a candle or a perfume — Jo Malone really nails it when it comes to scents. A favorite of mine is English Pear & Freesia. It is feminine, fresh and not overpowering. I also love that Jo Malone fragrances

Living Room Updates

Many of you have seen photos of my living room via Instagram and other forms of social media, along with a little peak of it in this post. Lately there have a been a few additions! I love plants and made a visit to a local nursery to purchase more green goodness for my house. I picked up this lovely Snake Plant which also happens to be an excellent air purifier. I may also purchase one