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Redecorating Our Living Room!

Being on Mat Leave has given me time to analyze all the things I want changed in our house. Before having J, we had redone quite a bit already but there were a couple of areas still left untouched from how the previous owners left it. Although we had painted our living room light gray from a Cadbury Milk Chocolate colour (which is great for many things but not on walls!) we had yet to

Recent House Projects

I must admit being a stay-at-home mom is much different than I anticipated! I have found that while baby is sleeping, rather than “sleep when he sleeps” I like to do house projects. The creative me is still very much alive and I figure that with this new life transition I can channel some time into adding more of what I love into our habitat. Below are a few new projects I have been working

Teepee Tent Baby

Baby Playroom Reveal: One That Will Grow With J

Last week I was working on a little project – creating a fun space for me and baby J to spend time in through the winter ahead and beyond. I am a huge nature lover so it goes without saying that I wanted to bring the outdoors in as much as possible! I gathered some plants into one of the biggest and brightest rooms of our house. My home studio is at the opposite end

My Botanical Baby Room Reveal

Amidst everything else going on I managed to finish our baby room with plenty of time to spare. It is now one of my favourite spaces in the house! When it comes to decor in general I am not overly feminine. I love my neutrals…and plants. I love plants. Prior to beginning decorating, the room was my office. After realizing life was about to change drastically we moved my desk to a different area of

Tassel Pillow

Guest Room Refresh with Tropical Vibes

Any homeowner can agree that a house is an on-going project. Having lived at our current address just over 3 years it was about time I finally made the guest room into a space for more than just folding laundry! I wanted it to have an airy, tropical vibe – the inspiration was always there but I was even more inspired upon purchasing an original piece of art depicting a banana tree. Everything else just

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5 Tips to Make Your Home Calm and Inviting

The house you live in should also be a home, in my opinion. Having lived in our place for just over three years we have slowly made it our own a little bit at a time. Here are a few tips I have learned along the way to create a calm and inviting atmosphere in your humble abode! Get Rid of Clutter Clutter equals chaos, which is the opposite of a peaceful vibe. You do


Spring 2017 in Review: Brand, Blog and Personal Update Post

With summer having officially begun I wanted to share with you an update on this past spring! A lot has been going on with my brand and if you haven’t seen the posts already – my belly! First of all, I want to state exactly which direction my business and blog are going. You may be seeing a few pregnancy-related posts lately. I have carefully chosen to include things in keeping with what many of

spring flowers

Home Studio Refresh

Today I am sharing my home studio refresh! My desk has officially been moved from a light aqua blue room to a much larger space in our house. A lot of changes have been happening and I am excited for this new venture. I added a rack of some favourite outfits along with an abstract painting done by yours truly a few years back. I think this pairs well with my black, white and blush

Home Decor Inspiration – My Family Room Refresh!

One of the sunniest rooms in our house is a room I have aptly nicknamed our “Yoga Room” due to it being furnished with not much more than a chair, a few sticks in a vase and a yoga mat. I love this space as it is bright, airy and can be anything I make it to be. I have used it for more than one professional photo shoot (one photographer brought her large backdrop

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This Weekend’s Surprise Birthday Party

My cousin J came up with the brilliant idea of throwing her sister-in-law (my cousin-in-law) a surprise 30th birthday party. Her, along with myself and our other cousin M (yes I have a lot of amazing cousin-friends in my family) got together and pooled resources! The family all gave money and we purchased a gorgeous Tory Burch bag as a gift. Along with this we decorated, cooked and created the perfect, laid back afternoon complete