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daily natural makeup look

Daily Makeup Look

Makeup is something that I do not cake on unless it is for a special event or photo shoot. I love using natural, warm brown hues and products that do not consume much of my morning as I prefer sleeping in as long as I can. These are a few products that make my effortless (literally) and low maintenance beauty routine possible! Many of these products were given to me when the brands partnered with

Living Room Updates

Many of you have seen photos of my living room via Instagram and other forms of social media, along with a little peak of it in this post. Lately there have a been a few additions! I love plants and made a visit to a local nursery to purchase more green goodness for my house. I picked up this lovely Snake Plant which also happens to be an excellent air purifier. I may also purchase one

white candy bar

Candy Bar Ideas for Your Wedding Guests to Drool Over

One of my favourite parts of a wedding reception is when there is a candy bar! After browsing Pinterest a bit I thought I would share some cute ideas that I came across in hopes to inspire yours? Oh yes — and invite me! This rustic styled candy bar really got my attention. It is so homey and sweet. The exposed brick does wonders and I love this set up with the pink and white

bachelorette wine

Bachelorette Weekend Ideas To Spoil Your Best Friend

Your best friend is on the threshold of celebrating one of the biggest decisions of her life. She has asked you to be her Maid of Honor. You have been by her side through many of the painstaking details for her wedding day. Now to plan the bachelorette! You want something catered to her interests and loads of fun. What do you do? No Hints Since most of this is up to you and the

Product organization boxes

How to Declutter your Home and Your Life While Feeling Great!

This is something that I am so excited to talk about today. I have always liked to be organized and the past few years I have pushed myself to declutter my home. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming and tempting to not even get started. You will find once you do begin, you won’t want to stop until you are done. The less clutter, the better you will feel. Here are some things I do

Illustration Credit Joanna Pop

Why I Love Networking and How It’s Important

I began networking as soon as I launched Joanna Pop in 2013. I do not think I even thought of the word itself — but that was precisely what I was doing. I knew that I was not an island. I loved what I did and wanted to build a brand doing so. There was a plan set in place and I was going to show my portfolio to as many people as possible. I

iphone app

Shopping Apps that Make Buying Gifts for the Holidays Easier

With the holiday season approaching I like to get a head start on my shopping plan. I rarely leave it to the last minute. I love the malls at in December with all the decorations and Christmas music playing. What I do not like is to be frantically searching those same stores looking for the perfect gift. It is nice to stroll through at your leisure knowing that your gifts are taken care of. Drum

bride and bridesmaids

Wedding Bliss: The Top 5 Splurges Worth Investing In for Your Big Day

Some of us dream about our wedding years before it actually happens. When the day comes that a date is set and you begin to plan, that is when you realize how expensive it can get. Not all of us have bottomless bank accounts. Here is a list of 5 wedding services/items that are absolutely worth the splurge. A Photographer When you work so hard on all the fine details you want to remember them

work entrepreneur sick day

Business Owner: Trying to Work but You’ve Caught a Cold

I scribbled down my to-do list in my Day Designer. “Tomorrow is going to be a productive day.” I think to myself. I have a good sleep, aside from the nightmare in the morning hours of losing my dog in a far away city. I wake up to find that all is well and he is sleeping soundly beside me. Then it hits me, I feel so achy. My throat is a little sore and

baby shower sweets table

Baby Shower Gifts that Will Impress

My life is quickly becoming a newborn utopia full of pregnant friends and baby showers galore. Often with the grandmothers contributing the gifts with the largest dollar value, it’s hard to give something that won’t get lost in the pile of adorably cute baby shower items. Here are a few suggestions that are sure to be a hit.   Get an Item Personalized I love to go to Etsy for gifts. The great part is