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Spring Travel Style with Pops of Color

Years ago I caught myself in a bad habit. I would complain in the summer when it was really hot and humid. Then I would rant about the cold (probably even shouting to the sky a few times) when the icy wind would not relent. I decided I needed to pick a side and stick with it, even though we can all agree that those mid-range temps are the most perfect of them all. The

The Grove

LA Trip Travel Favourites

This past August we traveled with a couple of our best friends to sunny Los Angeles. We landed in San Jose, rented a Jeep and drove along the coast. Winding roads beside the ocean led us to our beautiful destination. As a Canadian who had never been anywhere remotely close to this side of the continent it was a whole new world. We really loved the laid back, friendly and effortless vibe of the place.