Zaful front slit midi dress

Zaful Midi Dress Wish List

I have often seen Zaful posts on Instagram, and recently my sister mentioned the online shopping site to me while I was helping a friend source out some cute, reasonably priced bathing suits for her vacation in Greece. Swimming apparel aside, they also have a lot of cute clothing in a wide variety of styles – one of them being the midi dress. This length of dress has made a comeback in a big way

Tobi Midi Dress

I’m Bringing Sexy Back With a Couple of Summer Dress Favourites!

Hello beauties! I have been up to a lot lately – much of which has to do with the upcoming arrival of baby Pop. From cooking nutritious meals to vacuum seal away so we have food at a later date (without having to vouch for takeout while I am busy with the little one) to pre washing all the baby laundry with some natural, gentle detergent and finishing the baby room I have literally had

maternity shoot

Bohemian Style Maternity Shoot by Ema Suvajac

It took me 29 years to finally feel like I was at a place in my life to want to pour everything into a little human being who needed me for everything. I had checklist after checklist that I would complete – each and every time telling myself “when this one is done then I will want a baby.” Each time a list would end I would simply create another. If there is one thing

Summer Stripes

Summer Stripes and Straw Hats

Today I am partnering with Tobi to give you a fun, fresh and effortless nautical look with their Peace of Mind Striped Off the Shoulder Shift Dress. I am on the lookout for clothes that are versatile enough to wear while being mega pregnant (35 weeks) yet my perfect size when I no longer have a baby bump to accommodate. One of my favourite features of this dress is the breezy flared sleeves! I thought

Tassel Pillow

Guest Room Refresh with Tropical Vibes

Any homeowner can agree that a house is an on-going project. Having lived at our current address just over 3 years it was about time I finally made the guest room into a space for more than just folding laundry! I wanted it to have an airy, tropical vibe – the inspiration was always there but I was even more inspired upon purchasing an original piece of art depicting a banana tree. Everything else just

Bite Lip Lab Toronto

The Bite Beauty Lip Lab – Get a Shade of Lipstick Created Just for You

This past weekend, two of my friends and I went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab on Queen Street West (Toronto location) to get a lipstick (or two) created on the spot. I was already familiar with the brand – founded in Toronto and sold in Sephora, made of natural, food-grade ingredients. Knowing that I already loved the performance and quality of their other products, I could not wait to get my hands on my

top beach essentials

Top Beach Essentials

We are full tilt into summer and if you are like me, you really savor the few short months of beach weather we have in Canada. Here are a few of my favourite essential items to enrich your experience (to pack, or on my wish list!) 1. Sun Block (of course)! There are varying degrees of SPF which stands for “Sun Protection Factor.” The number refers to how many times longer it will protect you

home decor

5 Tips to Make Your Home Calm and Inviting

The house you live in should also be a home, in my opinion. Having lived in our place for just over three years we have slowly made it our own a little bit at a time. Here are a few tips I have learned along the way to create a calm and inviting atmosphere in your humble abode! Get Rid of Clutter Clutter equals chaos, which is the opposite of a peaceful vibe. You do

summer patio

My 10 “Self-Love” Priorities This Summer

As my due date gets closer and I look forward to meeting the little Pop – I often think of how life is about to change forever. I cannot wait for this next phase, and am fully ready to pour my time, energy and love into a little human that needs me! Some things, I realize I may not have as much time for when baby comes along. These are activities that I am making

Baby Box Bassinet

Baby Box Bassinets + How to Get Your Own

Baby Box Bassinets may be a newer concept on this side of the globe, but have been used consistently in Finland for the past 75 years. They are said to be the country to have the lowest infant mortality rate in the world due to these little boxes which offer safe sleeping arrangements (lowering the risk of SIDS) for their little ones. Being naturally drawn to simplicity, minimalism, and not to mention safety – I