Joanna Pop in studio

Introducing LIVE Illustrating for Your Event – Booking Spring/Summer 2017!

Hello beauties — I have some exciting news! Today I am unveiling the launch of a new initiative for Joanna Pop.  I am offering booking opportunities for me to come to your event and illustrate your attendees! If you are a brand/business who would love to offer your guests the novelty of receiving an original black and white fashion illustration (of them self) on-site I would LOVE to hear from you! I will continue to

flower petal fashion illustration

Flower Petal Fashion Illustrations

Once in awhile I like to make use of flower petals from bouquets in my house and create fashion illustrations that incorporate them. This lovely lady is not afraid to be bold and dress how she feels. Today maybe she is just fancies a crown – sprinkled with a dusting of pollen. Thank goodness she doesn’t have allergies! When I created this beauty I was thinking along the lines of Downton Abbey. Flower petals are

spring flowers

Home Studio Refresh

Today I am sharing my home studio refresh! My desk has officially been moved from a light aqua blue room to a much larger space in our house. A lot of changes have been happening and I am excited for this new venture. I added a rack of some favourite outfits along with an abstract painting done by yours truly a few years back. I think this pairs well with my black, white and blush

Starbucks Spring Cups

Budget Friendly Gifts for Yourself

Something all you need is a little pick-me-up to add some interest to an otherwise blah day. While I always find hanging out with a good friend or pet usually does the trick – here are a few mini gifts you can buy yourself on those days when the sun doesn’t shine! How about a pair of panties – or better yet, a subscription from Panty by Post! Shown is their Premium Luxe Panty in

Gina's Spa Waterloo

Welcome Spring with a Spa Day

Last week I booked myself a nice, relaxing spa package at Gina’s Spa in Waterloo, Ontario. I really felt like I was in need of some pampering. Truth be told, I have never actually booked a package before and the older I get, the more I enjoy taking care of myself. After my relaxing (and at times painful) 1 hour massage with an RMT I paged through some old magazines. A lot of knots were kneaded

Aritzia Parka

Daily Outfit Post: My Winter Jacket Collection

I am not one who likes to have excessive amounts of clothes and have narrowed down my wardrobe quite a bit in the past couple of years. The one item that I do buy multiples of and do not want to part with any of them are my jackets! Last year the portable coat rack in my basement actually snapped under the weight of all my coats. In my defense, some are made out of

custom bridal illustration

Creative Wedding Keepsake Ideas

With the existence of etsy and other websites turning the world into a global marketplace, there is now a flood of options when it comes to creating custom keepsakes to capture special memories. Here are a few that I really love!   A Custom Bouquet Embroidery I discovered this idea awhile back and am strongly considering ordering a custom embroidery of my wedding bouquet since I loved it so much! How cute is it to

NYFW Spring 2017 Trends

NYFW 2017: Spring Trends

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes! A lot of variations of striped patterns seemed to grace the runways this year. No complaints on my end, as I find I am often drawn to simplistic striped patterns year after year. Designers really played with this classic – they weren’t just your everyday stripes! Some were vertical, horizontal, diagonal (or a mix of more than one angle in a single outfit). There was also a lot of play on colour.

Home Decor Inspiration – My Family Room Refresh!

One of the sunniest rooms in our house is a room I have aptly nicknamed our “Yoga Room” due to it being furnished with not much more than a chair, a few sticks in a vase and a yoga mat. I love this space as it is bright, airy and can be anything I make it to be. I have used it for more than one professional photo shoot (one photographer brought her large backdrop

blush tulle

Springtime Look: 3 Ways to Style a Tulle Skirt in an Everyday Outfit

Now that the weather is slowly warming up, it inspires me to bring out some of my favourite, feminine classics. Today I am talking tulle skirts – and ways to wear them!     With a Crop Top Want to share a little bit of skin while remaining elegant and not too showy? A crop top pairs well with a tulle skirt that sits at your natural waist the way mine does. It leaves a