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Top 3 Must-Have Sweaters This Season

Snow is a bit of a novelty throughout Christmas and New Year’s. After the holidays I am often hit with just how cold and desolate the weather is! There are a few things that I feel are worth the investment; well-made jackets, shoes and of course SWEATERS. Today I share a few of my favorite, cozy sweaters from Aritzia for this time of year. Durandal Sweater Made of merino wool, this sweater is a keeper. I

Bridesmaid Trends 2017

Bridesmaid Dress Trends in 2017

I am incredibly excited to say that my one of my best friends got engaged over the holidays. It has been a quiet 2 years since I have been in a bridal party last and I am looking forward to celebrating with her! In keeping with this, I was inspired to share 3 of my favorite bridesmaid trends going strong for this upcoming year. Mix & Match This is a trend that has been in

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Home Sweet Home: My Minimalist Bedroom Sneak Peek

My home has been shaping up in the past couple of years to be more of a reflection of my husband and I. When we first moved in 2014, the previous owners had left it a medium chocolate brown (think of a Caramilk bar). I am never one to gravitate towards that shade when it comes to decorating so needless to say I could not wait until I could find the time to make our

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Happy Holidays + Year in Review

Today I woke up to the snow-covered rooftops of my neighbors. It’s Christmas Eve – and a Saturday! The year 2016 has flown by so quickly. I look back in my Day Designer and see some of the goals I had scribbled down at the beginning of the year and realized that many of them CAN be crossed off as complete! Good bye old planner – in with the new, you treated me well. This

The Grove

LA Trip Travel Favourites

This past August we traveled with a couple of our best friends to sunny Los Angeles. We landed in San Jose, rented a Jeep and drove along the coast. Winding roads beside the ocean led us to our beautiful destination. As a Canadian who had never been anywhere remotely close to this side of the continent it was a whole new world. We really loved the laid back, friendly and effortless vibe of the place.

Sweater, Yorkie and Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

Cozy December Essentials

I love the kind of look where you can be comfortable, cozy yet effortlessly elegant at the same time. To block out the chilly air I threw on a fuzzy turtleneck sweater purchased from Aritzia.* My jacket is a tried and true favourite that I bought at Target a few years ago (no longer available) but I I strongly suggest shopping from the Montreal brand Soia & Kyo. Their styles are classic and practical! I

Brides, Babies & Bloggers: Fashion Illustrations

Earlier this month I was busy organizing a lifestyle session to showcase some of my illustrations. This is a little gift to my clientele, to inspire and delight! I worked with Laura of LN Photography to get the perfect shot. It was all photographed in my home sweet home because I could not think of a cozier setting. If you would like to order a fashion illustration to give as a gift this holiday please contact

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Holiday Look

The other day we fulfilled an annual holiday tradition of visiting a farm to cut our own Christmas tree. While my husband and I decided to skip the actual tree part this year, we tagged along with a few of our close friends to enjoy the fresh air and festivities. It was an overcast, brisk day but not cold — perfect weather to be walking in a field of evergreens. We all brought along the

Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Picks

With the holidays approaching, many of us are scrambling for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Here is a Holiday Gift Guide to my personal Top 5 Picks this season! Jo Malone Fragrances Whether it’s a candle or a perfume — Jo Malone really nails it when it comes to scents. A favorite of mine is English Pear & Freesia. It is feminine, fresh and not overpowering. I also love that Jo Malone fragrances

daily natural makeup look

Daily Makeup Look

Makeup is something that I do not cake on unless it is for a special event or photo shoot. I love using natural, warm brown hues and products that do not consume much of my morning as I prefer sleeping in as long as I can. These are a few products that make my effortless (literally) and low maintenance beauty routine possible! Many of these products were given to me when the brands partnered with