Joanna Pop in studio

Below are services offered through Joanna Pop. For all orders and inquiries please reach out to me via email at



I offer my talent to attend your event and illustrate your attendees! I am hired on an hourly basis for a maximum of two hours – creating illustrations for your guests to take home with them! This is a great initiative for those with brands looking to make an impression with those invited. When appropriate I will agree to incorporate some of your product into the illustrations i.e. new line of nail polish, eye shadow, glitter –  we can get creative!

At this time I do not offer this service for private events such as weddings, showers etc. This service is available to brands, businesses, retailers and charities only. For more about Live Illustrating read my post here.

Rate: $350/hr



I create customized branding packages composed of illustrations to be used on your website, business cards or swag! I have been printed on shopping bags, trucks, mugs – you name it!

Who I create for:

  • Bloggers
  • Businesses
  • Brands (packaging)
  • Websites

What you get:

  • Original illustration(s) based on your vision for the piece(s)
  • High resolution, enhanced, digital copy of illustration(s)
  • Rights to use and reprint the illustration(s) on packaging and items to further your brand


  • Spot of Style Package – 2 original spot illustrations (small sketches of inanimate objects such as a vase of flowers, cell phone, makeup etc.), digital high resolution scans of both, free shipping $160
  • Lovely Start Package – 1 original full illustration, 1 digital high resolution scan of illustration, free shipping $210
  • Boss Babe Package – 1 original full illustration, 1 original spot illustration (of object or small item), high resolution digital scanned copies of both, free shipping $250
  • Chic Entrepreneur Package – 1 original full illustration, 2 original spot illustrations (of object or small items), high resolution digital scanned copies of all three, free shipping $280

If interested please email me and I would be happy to help you decide what package would be the right fit for you!



This is for the lovely fashionista, bride or mommy who would love a sketch of themselves or a friend to keep or to gift! This is a great, personalized present for those you care about!

Previously clients have ordered:

  • Wedding gifts
  • Bridesmaid gifts
  • Anniversary gifts
  • Baby showers gifts
  • Illustration for wedding or shower invites
  • Blogger illustration to display in office
  • Birthday presents
  • Gift for yourself to decorate your home and remember a special outfit or occasion

…and many more!

Rate: Starts at $110/ea



Having been featured in both hard-copy and online publications, I have launched my craft as a writer to help other businesses who would like a captivating article or post created, but may not have the time or resources. That’s right – I would like to write for you. My rate is negotiable depending on the length of article/post, time and research going into it. Please reach out if you are in need of a writer to create something for your website or brand that is endearing and comprehensive to your readers and clients!

Perfect for:

  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Magazines

Rate: Varies 



Are you interested in working with me? I love to partner up with other fabulous brands and businesses! Featuring you on both my blog and social media platforms can increase your brand’s visibility to your target audience.

Some perks about partnering with Joanna Pop:

  • Advertising opportunities
  • Product and service reviews featured on
  • Social media shares
  • Event coverage
  • Collaborations with myself and/or other chic companies and products

If you would like to offer monetary compensation for me to feature your product or initiative please reach out to me and I would be happy to determine a fee depending on the work and time involved to promote you.

Connect with me for inquiries on how we can work together by emailing 



Sending me products for testing, offers for services or event invites are for my careful review and consideration and features are not guaranteed. If you are sponsoring with monetary compensation and I deem the product not the correct fit for a feature on I will promptly refund your deposit and be unable to endorse the product online. I will not ship unusable products back to the sender and do not refund the value of them. I always am thrilled about discovering brands and businesses and would love to hear about yours!

If what you are offering is a great feature for Joanna Pop then I may be interested in giving it a try! Please note that it is at my discretion as to how I will partner with you if I feel you are the appropriate party to work with.

Give me a shout, I like to feature things that I believe in!

Who I work with:

  • Brands
  • PR companies
  • Sole proprietors
  • Bloggers