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Spring 2017 in Review: Brand, Blog and Personal Update Post

With summer having officially begun I wanted to share with you an update on this past spring! A lot has been going on with my brand and if you haven’t seen the posts already – my belly! First of all, I want to state exactly which direction my business and blog are going. You may be seeing a few pregnancy-related posts lately. I have carefully chosen to include things in keeping with what many of

Personal Branding with Joanna Pop: Illustrations

I don’t know if you have had a chance to look at my new Services & Partnerships page but I am really excited to talk about some of the options I offer to help brand your business. I love working with other business owners to create a bespoke hand-drawn image to represent them! Sometimes all you need is a spot illustration. What is a spot you may be asking? My spot illustrations are small illustrations

Joanna Pop in studio

Introducing LIVE Illustrating for Your Event – Booking Spring/Summer 2017!

Hello beauties — I have some exciting news! Today I am unveiling the launch of a new initiative for Joanna Pop.  I am offering booking opportunities for me to come to your event and illustrate your attendees! If you are a brand/business who would love to offer your guests the novelty of receiving an original black and white fashion illustration (of them self) on-site I would LOVE to hear from you! I will continue to

Brides, Babies & Bloggers: Fashion Illustrations

Earlier this month I was busy organizing a lifestyle session to showcase some of my illustrations. This is a little gift to my clientele, to inspire and delight! I worked with Laura of LN Photography to get the perfect shot. It was all photographed in my home sweet home because I could not think of a cozier setting. If you would like to order a fashion illustration to give as a gift this holiday please contact

Illustration Credit Joanna Pop

Why I Love Networking and How It’s Important

I began networking as soon as I launched Joanna Pop in 2013. I do not think I even thought of the word itself — but that was precisely what I was doing. I knew that I was not an island. I loved what I did and wanted to build a brand doing so. There was a plan set in place and I was going to show my portfolio to as many people as possible. I

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Fashion Illustration 101: Choosing the Perfect Shot

Most of the fashion illustrations for my clients are based off of photos they send to me, Sometimes it is a series of pictures and other times just one single photo to replicate as it is. Choosing the perfect shot is so important and I am always happy to assist! Here are some super simple tips. Choose a Straight-Ahead Photo Photos where the photographer is at the same level as the client is best for an